Deepavali, which means row of lamps, now has come to stay as Diwali!
And so is change in the manner we carry on the festivities in Chennai

Diwali promises to be truly a festival of lights this year with an increasing number of environmentally-conscious people in the metros, especially in the national capital, opting for eco-friendly and smokeless firecrackers.

Made of recycled paper, eco-friendly crackers do not contain as much chemicals as conventional firecrackers, and thus emit less smoke and noise and avoid sound pollution Chennai

With textile shops, jewellery marts and the electronics stores offering huge offers, the roads leading to these places have become a sea of people. All these come with roadside eating and throwing garbage indiscriminately all over the walkways.

On the day of the festival, it is joy, no doubt.
It is the day we enjoy the grand new dress, through we get new ones all through the year. The sweets, snacks, visitors to our homes and we visiting friends and relatives and then the fireworks!Image

Me & my family enjoying green and safe deepavali 🙂