600015 (West Saidapet)

I love Chennai very much as I born and brought up in Chennai being a North Indian …  I spent my childhood at north Chennai were I did my schooling   before marriage .. After marriage i introduced to a lovely place  Saidapet  which is a neighbourhood in Chennai  . I reside in saidapet from past 17 years.. In the beginning i reside at Jones road which is the main road to connect from Mount road… I love Jones road as its a  cool and calm place !!!!
Now i shifted and  reside at kodambakam road near Manthope school in west Saidapet connecting by the Jones road subway which started recently  easy to connect  Mount Road  within few minutes…
karneeshwar temple
Karneeswarar Temple is a Hindu temple located in the neighborhood of Saidapet in Chennai. Its a famous temple and it has a big pond connecting Jones road… It is said that people who take a ritual bath in this tank on full moon days get cured of many of their illnesses. .This temple is located next to the Saidapet Railway station. I use to go on every thursday with my friends to distribute home food to the beggars sitting outside the temple as i am a member of food bank chennai (we provide food to homeless people)

karneeswar temple pond 

We can get trains to reach beach station  to Tambaram, Chengalpattu & Kanchipuram from Saidapet railway station…We also go to saidapet railway station on thursday evening as we can find many blind people sitting inside the railway station .. We ask them if any help they need and try to fulfil their small help by giving biscuits, bread, food as well peanut burfie (for selling) helping in their business too….

If you  or your kids  get bored we can go to Amma park situated near Manthope school is really amazing park ..Kids have lot of play area they will sure enjoy playing outing , breathing fresh air  as its fill of green palnts allround .. . There are many excercising eqipments inside the Amma park,we can go for a daily walk and be fit & fine .
Shopping, how can i forget this i really love shopping in Kodambakam road & Jones road.. There lot of retail shops were we can get A – Z  things we need .. We have reliance shop and MORE to get all our household items…
From Jayaraj Theater Bus Stop , we can get MTC buses easily to reach  Parrys, Anna Salai,  K.K. Nagar and T. Nagar . Its a bus depo. so we can get seats easy to go enjoy the journey…
ANNAI VELLAKANNI school and colleges are ther to help students recognise the academic ability and to accept responsibility for its development.
If u wanna watch movie Srinivasa theatre is near by so that u can go have fun ..
I  started loving this place made lot of new friends , our business is here .. It has become a part of my life now!!!!!
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Khoba Roti Recipe

ghunjain.... khoba roti

Once my friend came from Mumbai she loved rajasthani dishes very much so i wanted to give her pleasant dinner making khobaroti.. which is eaten with Moong daal…
An authentic Rajasthani thali is traditionally vegetarian. The Rajasthani Khoba is a famous and traditional dish it looks thick and crusty, and tastier than the regular chappati. The success of this recipe depends a lot on how you knead the atta, so do spend a considerable amount of time kneading with your knuckles…
So let see how can make khoba roti.
Wheat flour (atta) (1 cup)
Salt (¼ tsp)
Desi ghee (2 tbsp)
Water to make a thick dough
1. Take flour is a big bowl and then Add salt and 50 grms ghee in flour and mix well. Now add little water at a time and knead bit hard dough than required for making regular roti and cover it keep aside for 15 minutes to set.
2. After 15 min over just take the flour apply some oil in ur palm and knead the dough again until it is smooth
3. Make a round dough ball(each three-times the size of the balls used for normal rotis). Place the dough ball on rolling plate and roll like u roll for roti…
4. Heat a tawa on a medium flame and place the roti on it. Flip it once light brown patches begin to appear on the inside and take a knife and just pinch it 4-5 times as it wont comes out like roti..
5.Now turn the roti and make small peaks with help of your thumb and finger on the roasted side of your roti. Make peaks on the entire roti.
6.Roast until roti gets brown spots on the other side. Take the roti off the tawa and plop it directly onto a low flame until it gets brown spots on both sides.
7. Place the roti on a plate & apply desi ghee on it… Now ur khoba roti is ready serve hot
I served to my friend with moong daal as well we can eat khoba roti with jaggery and ghee like it is shown in the plate in the pic… She really enjoyed it very well ..
You all too try it and surprise your friends who love Rajasthani dishes.. A ny doubt am always there to guide u friends …..

Kurkure family Express

Kurkure recently conducted a contest and 40 families are selected as winners from all over India. Food aficionados Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma host 40 different families across the four zones over an eight day journey across India.
The Kurkure Family Express left Delhi on May 16th and travelled across the country, through 12 cities including Sawai Madhopur, Surat, Lokmanya Tilak Terminal (Mumbai), Pune, Tirupati, Chennai, Vijaywada, Bhubaneshwar, Chitpur (Kolkata), Mughalsarai and Kanpur Central reached back Delhi. Families embark and disembark at the four metro stations and am lucky to say my family announced as a winner from Chennai.
Chennai journey starts from chennai central on 19th morning we were soo escited as it was my first trip with my mom&dad ..As soon we reached station we got our id cards we were welconmed by beauties in a traditional way then we made to sit in our boogie
The train was fully colorfully painted we were soo happy to ride in the india’s first food train … there were 2 boogie full of winners 10 winners from chennai we were on our trip to kolkata
The train started and our excitement son and on.. we enjoyed taking selfies , going here and there we were provided with amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner time to time by the volunteers .. The service was really amazing its really a wonderful excitement journey .We were given a kurkukure times newspaper…..
The wait was over we were called to another boogie were to our suprise many games entertainment hosted by Rocky , Mayur and Rj balaji .. Small small games, shooting, food recipes made by kurkure, nail paint all done and we really enjoyed it to the core..
We really enjoyed a lot no mood to get off the train but have to get down as we reached Kolkata !!!
The journey of a lifetime comes to an end but the fun, masti and chatpata madness lives on!
We made lot of new friends enjoying and we dont know how we spent 38 hours together to reach Kolkata !!!
We went to hotel and the next day we went to site seeing .. we visited Queen Victoria Memorial Hall and had a amazing lunch and back to airport to reach Chennai…
Here is a video of my daughter with kurkure in South Indian Rajnikanth style.. She enjoyed alot ….

A very big thanks to Kurkure team who gave me and my family this oppurtunity really enjoyed a lot ….. We were taken care like a celebrity felt too gud… Hats off to Group M media people really who took care of our all needs and made our journey wonderful ….