Teasers – Breaking the bubble

When I heard of TEASERS ♥️ , located at Forum Vijaya Mall , I was so much excited to visit the shop and try it …. Its a unique and creative outlet as the name says TEAsers, they make yummy drinks with the uniqueness of tea and bubble beads, which bursts and gives a unique flavour that your taste-buds cannot wait to relish. These innovative drinks are also healthy and delicious. We totally loved it to the core and enjoyed it.

History of TEAsers :

TEAsers offers an exotic variety of bubble tea with range of refreshing fruit flavours & milk based teas served with cold or hot tapioca bubbles/balls. This is a popular and evolutionary drink that is served with delicious nudge to tea infusions. They use freshly brewed tea leaves from the finest manufactures and the fruit flavours concentrates that go into the drink along with the popping bobas are acquired from their loyal established partners who manufacture the same with very high standards.

Woman behind TEAsers:

TEAsers has also expanded to online ordering and delivery. It boasts of signature products ranging from delicious double-chocolate pudding milk tea to healthy choices such as yakult green teas, with the added effort to lower the calories while maintaining the best value for its customers. All components are 100% vegetarian. The credits for coming up with this kind of an innovation goes to a woman, Ms. Kripa, who has set herself as an example for other women. TEAsers have been started in Vadapalani, Ambattur, Nungambakkam and  Coimbatore. Best wishes Kripa for much more.

Popping Bobas:

At TEAsers we call them “NaughTEA Bobas”. These are small juice balls that add the much needed twist to the drink. The shell is made from Seaweed extract, with delicious fruit burst flavours inside!

Tapioca pearls :

They are small marble sized black chewy toppings found at the bottom of your bubble tea. They can sometimes be found to be white or transparent depending on the ingredients of the pearl. We at TEAsers use the black pearl which includes sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar.

Bubble TEA :

Bubble tea was originally created as a tea-based drink that was invented in the 1980’s in tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan. As in the name, most bubble tea drinks contain a tea base mixed with fruit flavor or milk. TEAsers introduces this wonderfully tasting drink to all age groups; from school going toddlers, fun loving youths, happily wedded couples and to the gracious grandparents. Bubble tea ,also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, boba tea, or simply boba. That’s an interesting one with so many varieties to choose. They had two major kinds, the one with the milk and the one without the milk. If you don’t like the smell of the milk then you can go for the one without the milk in which the flavours are strong. I personally loved the milk base though.

My favourite bubble tea :

After a dilemma, I finally came up with a drink that impressed me, I ordered
based bubble tea with honey dew flavored with grape jelly . It was really wonderful and tempting. . Its immensely satisfying when the slippery balls stream up the straw and fill your mouth. You will find yourself slurping pointlessly (and loudly) at the dregs to hoover up every last drop, until you realize sadly that the experience was over.

I also tried Chocolate milk bubble tea with tapioca, Lychee fruit bubble tea with mango boba which were So yummy and totally refreshing!.. Both were upto the mark and of good quality: the tea was tasty, and the bubbles were nice and soft. You can choose the type of Bobas you want. There are the chewy ones, the soft ones like water bubbles, the jelly kinda ones and many other varieties of boba. They also serve Madras Mudka Tea , cookies and some other Hot Beverages too.

Melting cookie purely veg with vanilla icecream:

Cookies and vanilla ice-cream base are not as creamy as regular ice cream
so when they melt, they do so cleaner and quicker,,, It was so delicious with the amazing ultimate melt in your mouth which makes us visit again and again..

I love this place the bubble tea is super tasty and is really good! Plus the atmosphere is super cute! It’s well decorated …. Even a diabetic can drink here! Just ask our Bubble makers to add half sugar or make it sugar free. I highly recommend this place!

Cuisines : Bubble Tea, Beverages , Desserts

Cost for two:₹300

Hours: 10:30am – 11:30pm (Mon-Sun)

P (store): (0) 9566237644

E: [email protected]

Contact Person: Kripa

P: (0) 7550036655

website : Teasers website

Zomato : Zomato Teasers

Instagram : Drink teasers

Eskopop Popsicle- Your Daily Dose Of Happiness

Do you wanna enjoy your favourite vegan ice cream and natural popsicles to a Nature’s Basket near you. Now no worries as Eskopop popsicle has been started their small cozy joint on Barnaby road, Kilpauk.  Its really a treat for the ice candy and ice cream lovers. Freshly made popsicles with a variety of pure flavors will surely make your day. So its time to nuke this summer heat with crazy cold fruit pops and shakes at Eskopop! Its time to bring your furry ones for a cold treat too!!!
Eskopop is a joint for fitness minds as they serve popsicle 100%sugar free and made from real fruit. I was more in a mood to try coffee and chocolate flavours and would definitely go for fruit popsicles.

Remembering my chilhood days :

Eskopop Popsicles are serving to those childhood memories with more than 15 handcrafted flavors to your Popsicle which is simply too delicious and at the same time, quite healthy as well! They boast of fresh ingredients and no preservatives whatsoever. Good ambience and great hospitality. A must visit place.

History of Eskopop :

Eskopop is founded by Harshi and Rohan Kapadia in July 2017, Eskopop started with its first store in Koregaon Park, Pune. Armed with creativity, passion for food, entrepreneurial experience and the intent to serve for the sole purpose of building a community that appreciates and values the relish of natural foods.

Eskopop serves many natural flavors in popsicles like gauva with chilli, mango etc.
I’ll recommend Jamun, peanut butter ,gauva and blueberry cheesecake.

My favourite Popsicle :

I totally love this popsicle and ice cream 100% recommend the Madagascar chocolate one with white chocolate topping.. it’s not too sweet and sugary and just full chocolate (unlike choco bar) we also love the fresh fruit options.. Make us feel like we have had a dessert without added sugar-rush guilt.

My favourite Shake:

I tried Beachy Lichi with coconut milk.. They are sweet and a bit floral, and they pair extremely well with coconut. The coconut cream on top is really delicious, my daughter loved it a lot.. It was healthy as well tummy full..

My favourite shots:

Jamun shot is the best and good for people who have diabetes.. Enjoy these shots but healthy too

All ice creams are made without preservatives, food colors or harmful chemicals. They have a wide variety of Vegan and sugar-free options. Its time to visit and have a blast of flavors in your mouth and also be health conscious as no harmful chemicals used. DifinItely try it with family & friends to try out best popsicles in town. We are fresh & fun. Keeping it healthy.

The popsicles won’t melt immediately giving you lots of time to enjoy the sweet treat. All the fruit flavours tasted exactly like the fruit. You can add your favourite toppings too 😍
It is priced slightly on the expensive side, but tastes really nice! You wouldn”t mind paying a bit extra for the good quality,hygiene and innovative flavours, would you?

Opening Last WeekEnd
Dont miss to visit and have a blast of flavours in your mouth and also be health conscious as No harmful Chemicals Used!!!

Eskopop Kilpauk
No. 17A/29, Barnaby Road, Kilpauk
Chennai – 600010 (near Little White Kitchen)

Thank You Team ESKOPOP for making this one memorable experience for me

A Visit To Fanzart – an exclusive store for "decorative and designer fans"

Are you looking for a fan? Try Designer fans from Fanzart, India’s largest brand for designer fans. Recently I visited the FANZART showroom located at TTK Road in Alwarpet , Chennai. Fanzart, India’s very own exclusive brand for designer fans, brings an extension to its exotic collection of ‘Designer Fans’ with ‘Melody’ – a stylish, contemporary ceiling fans. They have a variety of designer-fan options for all types of home interiors, matching or complimenting every type of décor. They have lot of varieties of fans like
High End Designer Fans, Luxury Ceiling Fans, Contemporary Ceiling Fans, Wooden Ceiling Fans, Outdoor Fans, Modern Ceiling Fans, Classic Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans, Tower Fans
The price starts from Rs .8000 to Rs.99990 . They also deal with recliners IMG from Norway, and have some Hydraulic , motor recliners and 4 seater home theatre in display.

History of Fanzart :

“FANZART” was set up with the intention of filling the void for the Upper Middle class consumer market area in home product space in India. Fanzart brings to the Trendy- Global Indian consumers niche products to their doorstep and enhances their lifestyles. There were High end Kitchens, Sofas, Furniture, Wall textures, Drapes, Artifacts etc. but the fans were the same old and boring. “FANZART” was finally established in India in 2011 and the first Flag Ship Retail Showroom was initiated in March 2012 in Bangalore, a US global brand imported from Taiwan. with an area 4000 sq feet we have installed 66 uniquely designed fans.Presently, their range consists of over 66 exquisite models to adorn the ceilings of every Indian home. New models keep on adding up from time to time and the more popular models keep coming in regularly.

About Fanzart collections :

The store manager Seema Sharma demonstrated how each and every fan works. Even the showroom is designed keeping in mind to hang so many fans. Each Fan displayed was a master piece. They are seen to be believed.

1) Fan Range:

As everyone knows Chennai is a super hot place were we depend more on fans and air conditioner . So here you can get choice with a range of models such as feather, wave, atom, twinz, crystal, saturn, rodeo and so much more, while looking out for features such as summer-winter, eco feature, human sensor, 3D oscillation, and 360-degree rotation ( not for Ceiling fans), to give you a holistic shopping experience.

Here are some of the fans which I liked the most

The Venetian fan:

The fan which is close to my heart is Venetian fan,  a fantastic amalgamation of fan & chandelier. It has 14 blades which open like bird when switched on
which brings a blend of Technology and innovation.

The Invento Fan :

Its the world’s first recessed false ceiling fan. Perfect for offices, retail showrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and low ceilings, this technological marvel obviates the need for an air-conditioner and lets you enjoy its chill breeze with your ceiling left flat and unblemished.

The Alpha Fan :

Its a modern ceiling fan which is Sleek, simplistic, streamlined & a stylish ceiling fan. The subtlety of Alpha accentuates the beauty of modernity.

The Aqua mist fan:

Its the perfect innovation to beat the heat with water spray that sends a refreshing breeze of Mist your way, while looking like a Jet Engine. Its unique design makes it an easy-to-use product and its premium quality provides longevity.

Here are some of the fans showcased in the showroom

2) Recliners Range :

Each and every Recliner — you will discover IMG’s drive for excellence that deliver an exceptional combination of comfort, quality and unsurpassed value. The IMG is high quality recliner from Norway.

Here are some of the recliners which I liked the most

Divani Relaxer :

Its a home theatre 4 seater latte colour, with good quality leather and has storage in hand rest which cost Rs. 4,50,000 . We can totally rest back with just one button and can even charge mobile with an Usb port beside the button.

Space :

Its a sleek design ,idle for office with extreme quality leather with Ottoman and cost Rs. 1,66,700 only.

Chelsea :

Its a 3 motor recliner cost Rs. 1,45,700 . Just come home feel relax in this recliner which comes with head support spine rest can work with laptop or just watch TV for hours as the leather is breathable and the blood circulation gets better while relaxing. its sound amazing isn’t did?

Friends you can walk in anytime go check the amazing varieties of recliners and
various designer fan collections for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and office spaces.

Browse the latest product catalogue of Fanzart at

They also deal with recliners IMG from Norway, Click and check here https://imgcomfort.com/

Feel free to contact :

MR. NANDKISHORE  :   9790023333

Ms.SEEMA SHARMA : 9952090052

Fanzart located at
No, 251, TTK Road, Alwarpet,
(Near Narada Ghana Sabha) Chennai-600018.

I totally loved all the collections of fan and Recliners. I never seen this much of varieties of fan its really awesome.
Not only does Fanzart have fans that suit every type of home decor, but has also expanded its product line to serve offices and other commercial spaces…..