A day well spent at Ciclo Cafe & Ciclo Bazaar!!

Ever wished for a place where you can have amazing food with a subtle ambience and also have a bazaar, where you can lay your hands-on daily essentials, DIY Gourmets and many more, just on the go. Sounds cool already right? But this is not yet, it is a perfect hub for cyclists where you can also check out cycling shoes and accessories regarding bicycles. None like the rest, it is none other than the “CICLO CAFÉ,” dazzling food with a relaxing ambience, who are celebrating their fifth year today and the recently introduced “CICLO BAZAAR” which fulfils your daily requirements as well as gives you access to many imported essentials, and the “CICLO BICYCLE SHOP,” a one stop shop for all your bicycle’s needs.

Being overwhelmed with the set-up, I just couldn’t wait any more to explore their café and have some exotic food. Following all the safety precautions, they welcome their customers and it is their first priority considering that all their plates and the cutleries are packed air-tight until you, yourself open it.

A virtual menu is shared which takes you through their wide varieties of cuisines. They have their own specials and signatures, which you will definitely go on an imaginary ride with me.

With so many options to feast on, it was definitely to make hard choices as to what dishes we were about to try out. The following were the dishes, om which we decided upon:

BBQ Cottage Cheese Balls:

I’m an out and out cheese person and really had some expectations and when it arrived, I loved the way it was presented and the BBQ sauce stood out for me, it was just perfectly blended with the spiciness and at the same time was tangy. The cheeseball was just delicious with the right amount of cheesy, only issue, could’ve been cheesier (cuz why not?) and this combo instantly became one of my favorites.

Verdure Pizza:

Pizza>Life is my mantra. I definitely wanted to try out their pizzas and not gonna lie, I just liked everything about it. Starting from its crunchy thin crust, and It had toppings of Bell Peppers, Onions, Zucchinis, Spinach, Olives and my favorite, as you know, some Mozzarella Cheese! And all of this topping can be adjusted to your preference, the hospitality of Ciclo is just world-class.

Pesto & Vegetable Croissant:

Well, I’ve always imagined having a croissant-sandwich with the filling of my likes. This was filled with vegetables, with the ever-classy pesto sauce and some mozzarella cheese in between a pair of super-soft croissants. It was one true delight and I personally enjoyed every bit of it.

Curried Veg. Cheddar Tiger Burger:

I am pretty sure you are curious about why? It is named as a “tiger burger,” well it is known like that, because of the texture on its buns, which have an exotic texture on them. Loaded with Cheddar Cheese and loads of curried vegetables, which just feels like it is equally healthy.


This is one of the Ciclo-Specials, “Naanza,” is basically a fusion of Tandoor Baked Indian bread, which is known as naan and it is served with toppings just like a pizza, hence, “Naanza.” If it were to me, it tasted better than the pizza. I went with the Cajun Cottage Cheese Salsa. I wanted to add paneer on top and trust me, with cheese, this was heavenly and I just loved each and every bite of it.

Orange Cooler & Tender Coco:

For me, a meal is perfect only with the perfect drinks. I certainly couldn’t wait to try out their mocktails. With so many varieties to choose from, we went with these two. The orange cooler, was loaded with the fruit pulp and mint, just was the perfect aid to any dish. The Tender Coco was filled with the goodness of coconut water and is my favorite of the two. I certainly cannot wait to go back in and try their rest of their mocktails.


Not only Mocktails, but they also have a variety of shakes & smoothies, hot & cold beverages and some cold-pressed juices as well. The “Frankenshake” is a monstrous shake, which is a masterpiece to the eye. It looks so good, that even if I was super full from all the food I’ve just had, I just couldn’t resist myself having a go at it. It was served with hazelnut milkshake, topped with some whipped cream and cocoa rolls and it is definitely a must-try!! It definitely is high on calories, but trust me! It is totally worth it.

Chocolate Fudge Cake:

The soft cake, drowned within a thick layer of chocolate, is just the perfect match for the chocoholics. This is one of the few cafés that offer some variety in eggless desserts, and I certainly did not see that coming. It really gave my taste buds an ever-lasting experience with the essence of chocolate lingering even after I’ done eating was just the perfect ending I could’ve wished for.

One of my best experiences and for sure, it is one of the best in the city. It is a bit pricey, but trust me, it is totally worth it. It also offers one of the ambiences, with the coziness and the interiors and designing just aids to one of the best food experiences. It is just a perfect place for hanging with your friends and families. Their new venture, the Ciclo Bazaar also should be your must-visit place, the varieties they offer, will blow your minds.

Visit now! And you might have the best experience of your lifetime.