Goddy's Cafe – A Combination Of Food With Music!!

Goddy’s Café is a new resto cafe that has emerged in the ever happening Nungambakam area in a complex of Haddows Road. The outlet is done up nicely and looks sporty and elegant. There are some couches to sit upon, a space for jams and open mic arena. It is believed that it will soon be a music cum food cafe with music being belted out by various bands in the evening hours. We decided to go to the place, which was recommended by my son, on the occasion of mother’s day.The ambience of the café is as good as anything, adding on, the combo of music and food is just as splendid as it sounds! exciting! Another defining feature of this café is the varities and the options that it provides to its customers. It was really a hard time to pick the items from a large mix. It basically provides us with three categories, Starters, Main-course and the desserts.We handpicked the following respectively,For Starters,Jughead says… Garlic bread:The unorthodox garlic bread. The more creative and funnier the name, the tastier it tastes. It has a spongy and a crumbled base, topped off with bell pepper and a generous helping of parmesan. It is one of their signature dishes and is a must-try starter.Thy Fries:This is the mammoth-sized fries, which consists of Mediterranean piri-piri, Piri-Piri, Honeyglaze and Hazelnut fries, with a range of dips. These fries are the best in town and is a stomach-filling starter. Each of the four was so tasty that we were left licking our fingers.Cheesy Bread Pockets:These are cup-shaped baked breads filled with cheese and veggies. These bread pockets are mouth-watering when served and are hard to resist. With loaded cheese, it gives a melting look when cut. These pockets are an ideal starter for everyone.For Main Course,Lasagna Exotica:The love for lasagne never drops. In this veg. compilation of a creamy layer of cheese and exotic vegetables baked to delight your palate.Pesto Besto:In the pastas section, this seemed to impressed the most. It is the perfect combination of spice and can set your tongue rolling and topped with a healthy dose of parmesan. Along with it, comes breads which is a heavenly combination and as well as a top pick.For Desserts,The desserts are something, that I always crave for, the café had so so many varieties of mocktails, juices, mojitos, monster shakes, hot chocolates and waffles. We ordered ourselves the following,Blue Hawaiian:The perfect blend of a summer mock tail, which includes the likes of pineapple juice and blue coracao! This does give a relaxing feeling once it slurps down your throat, giving a magnificent feeling.Flamingo:The red-sweet devil of the town is here. This provides us a striking combination of Strawberry, Pineapple, Watermelon and Orange for a refreshing ride.Master Cleanse:These cleanse juices, are the most, healthy ones with real fruit pulp and it includes the pulps of carrot, beet, orange, apple and lemon to make you feel light as air. It also improves your mood! When nature enters you.So Ran the Berry:The king of monster shakes, this has become my instant favourite, the looks of this monster makes you drool all the way until sipped. This basically is a cranberry and blueberry shake, with the topping of whipped cream and sugar-sprinkles, it also has Cadbury gems embedded on the whipped cream. This one’s a must-try.Blue Lagoon:The all-time favourite combination of soda, sugar syrup and blue coracao pulp just got even better! The blue lagoon cannot be replaced and refreshes our mind to the fullest.Oceans Lassi:This is a freak-combo which will bamboozle you. The combination you never would have thought of, raspberries in a lassi. It is so tasty that you will slurp out the last drop of it, just like a kid,Winter is Here… :The best of its name. the most creative of names! I just ordered because of the name, being a big fan of GoT. This is basically waffle with a twist, shaped in bubbles and is known as “Bubble Waffle” it is filled with white chocolate, with vanilla ice cream at its core and filled with whipped cream and sugar-sprinkles. This is a perfect dessert indeed.[wpvideo g1zLZZhA]This is one of the best and the most innovative cafes in Chennai. They serve Allday breakfast and it’s open from morning till night..Rates are bit higher but it’s worth for the best. This is the one that will go the distance, trust me. It is the best spot for hanging out with friends and you can also play board games, sing a song or listen to some stand-up comedy. And, most importantly, the food, which is the best. A well spent MothersDay with my son..

The Journey Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom #MOMSSPEAKUP

I love being a woman because I am free to express my emotions. I can try , fail, fall, cry, learn, fight, rise and express whatever and whenever I feel. I  try my best to teach my Son to respect women and teach my daughter to live with dignity. I m a homemaker and a mother. Being a mother you start loving things more purely because it’s the best feeling. I love being whatever I am as every success is a reward and every failure is a lesson. We women can bring change in our lives, in our family life and also contribute to society.

How I decided to be a stay-at-home mom:

I never in a million years thought I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I was raised in a very feminist household where the woman needed to work and contribute to society. My parents actually thought I would be the first woman president. (Sorry, mom, not likely). So it was hard for my family to come to grips with the fact that this was what I wanted to do. But, like always, they supported me. When my husband and I decided I should be a stay at home mom, we agreed that that’s what I would be, a MOM. I am not a stay at home housekeeper.

I love being a stay at home mom:

The moment I came to know that I’ve given birth to a baby girl, it was like a dream come true and my most memorable moment. I always wanted to have a daughter, but it was something that was not in my hand. Everyday I thank God for blessing me with a baby girl who is a 15 year old teen now. I don’t think that there should be any specific reason to love one child, rather it should be an unconditional one. It’s because of my daughter that I am able to re-live my childhood and do all the girly stuff. I love to dress her up with all the beautiful accessories (which I must have missed if it were a baby boy )I love the moment when she comes back from school, steps out of the bus and hugs me. Her smile makes me forget everything be it anger or a sad moment. She loves helping me out in daily chores, though my work increases after that. She loves me unconditionally.. it doesn’t matter whether I am dressed up properly or not, whether I’ve got few grey hairs,  roly-poly, for her I am just her mother, though at times she asks me to dress up the way she wants. It’s because of her that I’ve changed myself, to following a healthy diet, going for walks & much more. It’s still a learning phase with her.Truly blessed to have a baby girl & just want people to stop female foeticide. Let a girl be born in every home,  and you’ll feel the difference that a girl brings in a family.

How I started working from home :

I wanted to make working from home real for myself more than I wanted anything else in the world . I had no idea where to start, what steps to take, how to make it happen. Then a little voice inside my head said  “You love to write – there has to be a way you can write”! So I starting blogging. I was not a expert so I did a lot of research. I realized that if you want to  make money at something, you need to LEARN to do it RIGHT!! 
I quit watching TV, quit surfing Facebook, quit shopping and cooking and showering and sleeping, as I learnt the ropes. One year later, I was earning a full time income from blogging. I am now enjoy earning for my baby and working for myself and home. My husband is very supportive and encourages me whenever I feel down. He is the backbone of my life 💕❤️

Womanhood is all about being a women.The journey from being a daughter , sister to a wife and mother is truly a blessed one. I have been moulding myself into a super woman by undergoing diff stages from a dutiful daughter, friendly sister, loving wife, caring mother and many more roles to go ahead in life. I thank everyone who helped me to become a super woman, a wonder woman! Womanhood is all about handling what ever comes in life. It is proven that women bear all kinds of stress better. We are like charcoal converting into diamond!! Enjoy every part of your journey of life!!

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Heart to Heart Time with My Lifeline❤️ #VdayBlogTrain

Have you picked up the laundry ??

Do you need me to pick up the children after school??

We are out of vegetables, can you pick some on the way home from work??

Does this sound very familiar– this style of conversation is common between us aimed at getting things done??

It is good as it gets, still I believe our communication has so much potential to go beyond administration and get to the heart of my spouse in this busy life....

My husband, Gajju and I, are married for more than 15 years now, we are best friends till date. Despite this, we have to intentionally keep our relationship and marriage on the front burner of life. as partners we commit ourselves to work and grow together by investing in our relationship for the betterment as we both enjoy the spark of love, compassion and intimacy… Some days my husband and I take the pleasure to just lean back on the pillow without really getting connected—besides talking about kids, money, house, and work, We’ve gotten no deeper than asking how each others days were….

And now we hope to spend time for heart to heart talks with each other where we can share freely, and grow trust and love for one another.. We needed a ‘We time” So my hubby planned an amazing fantasy date this valentines day.. I was so excited as I needed a break from my daily routine. as we share the same goal in giving time to each other and it is important to both of us. But I confess, it’s not always an easy thing to do. And this isn’t just our isolated problem. It’s common in most marriages—regardless of age.
These days life is so busy and we hardly have time to stop and say I LOVE YOU to each other…but Gajju made sure we kept our love alive each year by planning a dinner, just the two of us….laughing and giggling, about the things we did the whole year 🙂

We start from home, leaving kids with my mother ..We chilled at IBIS Chennai located in OMR … though its far from my place, we thoroughly enjoyed the long drive chit chatting like nothing else mattered now. we twinned with the gifts I bought for us this valentine’s day, two lovely red tops, #couplegoals *giggles*. It was painted red everywhere and the restaurant had a lovely theme for valentine’s day. They had decorated with red roses, heart balloons and most dishes were heart shaped. the environment was flooded and we were totally in love with it. Genuinely I had enjoyed the fantasy date arranged by my hubby, I just love him to the moon and back <3

This date was an absolute hit with us. By the time I was thinking it was a great way to wind up the yummy date night, there was a huge surprise waiting for me. My hubby gave me a big surprise and proposed me saying Dear GHUN u r my only Love ,you are a shining star though the world doesn’t know your name. You have no fancy title like Baroness or Dame. Ghun, you really are a star, my LOVE mentor and friend. A Nobel Prize for lovehood is what I’d recommend. And if I won the lottery I’d share my win with you I’d take you on a spending spree each day the whole year through! You may not be famous, as your face is known to few. But Dearest love I think you are wonderful and I’m so proud of you, we mostly recited at the time of sorows “METHE SAPNE SAARE APNE” and that covers all, nothing is left…

Hearing this I was on cloud nine, still unable to express those feelings in words. Completely stunned and filled with tears …..
He adds colour, meaning and spice to my life. I’m truly blessed to be your wife. Love you from the bottom of my heart. Who says u can never fall in love again???? U SURELY FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SAME PERSON AGAIN AND AGAIN , just don’t forget to see all those little things they do for you with so much love…..u would be smitten by the LOVE Bug..

So this valentines day I was able to go on a so much needed surprise date with my hubby. The kids are always with us, and although they would have really enjoyed the food we had, it was special to go out and have the much needed “we time”.

This date night definitely got some “Fantasy Fun” and made some new everlasting memories together

So, love birds, do not miss a single chance to enjoy the happiness and charm reverberating from LOVE!

Stay happy! Stay in love!

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