Pachrangi Dal / Mixed Dal Fry / Mixed Dal

Dal (also spelled dahl or daal) is a preparation of pulses /dried lentils which have been stripped of their outer hulls and split. Lentils and pulses play an important role in our daily cooking as they are rich in proteins   Pachrangi Dal is my all time favourite. It’s spicy Dal taste is soo yumm that I cook often.  I have used five types of Dal here so named it as Pachrangi Dal .. The lentils I have used are  Chana Dal, Tuvar Dal, Moong Dal, Urad Dal and Masood dal.. A mixture of all these dals gives great flavour to dal fry. This mixed dal goes with any rice varieties as well rotis/ parathas. 


To boil Mix Dal:

2 tsp chana dal 

2 tsp tuvar dal

2 tsp urad dal 

2 tsp moong dal 

2 tsp masor dal

1 pinch turmeric powder

2 cups water for pressure cooking

For Tadka/ Tempering:

2 tsp ghee 

1 Clove garlic – thinly chopped

 1 tsp ginger – thinly chopped

1 medium green chili – thinly chopped

7-8 curry leaves

2 Tsp Cumin Seeds

1 tsp red chili powder

½ tsp coriander powder, 

¼ tsp garam masala powder

Pinch of asafetida (Hing)

Salt to taste 

2 tsp chopped Coriander leaves for garnishing..

Method : 

1. In a pressure cooker, add all the dals/lentils 2. Add water, turmeric, salt and close the lid.

3. Pressure cook on high flame until first whistle.

4. Reduce the flame to medium and cook till 3 more whistles and then turn off the heat.

5. Now heat ghee in a pan add cumin seeds, cloves and let them crackle on medium heat.

6.Add garlic & curry leaves  and sauté for 1/2 minute.

7.Now add, green chili, red chili, tumeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala powdera, aesofatidaand sauté everything for 1/2 minute and lower the heat.

8. . Mix the spice powders with the rest of the masala.

9. Now add the cooked dal and mix well.

10. Also add ½ cup water or more adjusting consistency as required.

11. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes or till dal absorb flavour.

12. Season with salt and mix again.

13. Simmer the dal on a low flame for about 6 to 7 minutes or till the dal thickens a bit. Keep on stirring the dal at intervals so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

14. Turn off the heat.

15. Garnish with some coriander leaves and Serve the dal hot with rotis or parathas.


Add dal of your choice like urad dal, rajma or chole (note: few dal need soaking and also more cooking time).

Cook the dal in a pressure cooker or open vessel till they turn soft.

Adjust the consistency of dal (thick /thin) to your choice. 

Rajasthani Moong Dal Halwa / Moong Dal Seera

Rajasthani Moong Dal Halwa is an Indian dessert made with skinless split green gram and its a luxurious yet lip-smacking sweet from the state of Rajasthan..
It takes a long time to cook so be prepared for that. But I can assure you that the end result will be worth all the efforts.
This Moong ka halwa requires lots of patience and muscle work and also lots of ghee to come together.
It’s a very rich sweet with loads of ghee and Almonds.
Do give a try to this Moong dal ka halwa , it will fill your home with a strong aroma captivating all your senses and making your mouth watery…

Ingredients :

1 cup Yellow Moong Dal
3/4 cup Ghee
3/4 cup Sugar
1 tspn Saffron strands
1/2 cup sliced almonds for garnish
1 tspn Eliachi Powder (Cardamon Powder)

Method :

1. Wash yellow Dal and soak for 4 hours.
2. During this time Dal will swell and double the size..
3. Now drain the water and grind in mice without adding water to a fine paste.

4. Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan. Add dal and start sauteing.

5. Keeping the heat at medium-low, cook the moong dal paste in ghee till it becomes very granular and you can start to smell the aroma of roasted dal. You need to stir it frequently to ensure uniform cooking. Takes about 30 mins.
Following pictures shows the color of the moong dal paste after drying.

6. Now add hot water and stir until it leaves ghee on the sides.

7.Add eliachi powder and sliced almond nuts.
8. Dissolve saffron in 2 tbsp warm water and add to the Dal.

9.Finally add sugar. Cook until sugar is well blended with the dal mixture and the halwa leaves ghee on the sides.
10. Now turn off the heat, delicious moong dal halwa is ready.

11.Serve it hot, garnished with nuts.
12. Transfer to an air-tight container and refrigerate it.

Note :

1. Moong dal ka halwa demands lots of ghee in its preparation.
2. If the steps are not followed correctly, this halwa can turn into a disaster.
3. It stays good for 2 weeks.

Rajasthani Maida ka Dhokla/ Steamed Dhokla

Rajasthani Maida ka Dhokla are very popular made in Rajasthani households specially during winters. It is a soft & savory steamed cake traditionally associated with the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is made from Maida Flour, however a few other flours(Wheat, Rice, Bajri, Jowar flour etc) are also used. 
It is  served with Dal/Kadhi. But we love to have with achar or just add chilli powder and jeera and have it. It can be taken as a main course or as a side dish or a breakfast..
As they are steamed, it is also good for health.
The snack is prepared by steaming the flour which made  from water and  an alkaline salt known as Papad Khar ( An Alkaline Salt with major components as Sodium carbonate and Sodium bicarbonate) and then steaming the lump. It is often served with Oil and chilli powder.


4-5 cups Water (Depends on the way you want to prepare, like spreading the mixture or making Gharas)

2 cup maida flour

1 tsp papad khar

Salt to taste

1 tbsp oil


1) Heat water and add Papad Khar and salt. Boil water for 10-15 minutes at medium to slow flame.

2)Add water to maida flour slowly and stir continuously using wooden spoon to prevent again lump.

3)Knead the dough properly with the required water. Make small Dhokla out of it just like we make the south indian vadas.

4)Steam these dhokla in the idli steamer for almost half an hour.

5)Serve Rajasthani Maida ka Dhokla recipe hot with a dollop of ghee and garlic chutney/ achar.


1. I have my very own special version of this recipe when I feel like eating dough

2. I like my dough steamed in a Dhokla cooker for better texture but you can just steam on low heat in the same pot you prepare the mixture.

Rasgulla Recipe – Quick And Easy Way To Make Spongy Rasagulla Recipe

It’s time to learn to make spongy rasagulla at home. Rasgulla is a famous Bengali sweet made from milk. Rasagulla is a juicy milk based desert loved by all of my family members from sanchi to my father in law everyone loves rasagulla. This rasagulla recipe will give you soft spongy and juicy rasagulla that are quick to make. It can be even tried by beginners.. I tried it for first time and it came out well. Although making rasgulla can be tricky, but this post will help you to get it right
I have kept this recipe very simple, easy prepared from Chenna.


1 liter Full Cream Milk
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1½ cups Sugar (little less or more, as per your taste)
4 cups Water
A pinch of Cardamom powder optional
Few saffron strand for garnishing


1) Bring the milk to boil over medium flame. Keep it aside.. Let it get cool a bit.

2) Then add lemon juice in milk
stir till milk curdles completely.

3)Now drain the curdled milk in to a cloth. Rinse only when it gets slight warm. Add a glass of water and clean the curdled milk as it has lemon juice in it.

4) Squeeze it gently to drain the excess water and hang it for 30 minutes to get the right amount of moisture.

5) Take the mixture from cloth and transfer it to a plate.

6)Start to knead the mixture with hands break the granules of milk solids. Use the pressure from your palm. It’s important to knee it well to get the perfect texture. Mash the mixture atleast for 5 minutes for a string grip. The whole kneading process took me some 8-10 minutes.

7)Make small tiny balls without any cracks and keep aside.

8)Now take 1½ cup sugar in a pan, add Cardamon powder and 4 cups of water .

9) Boil the syrup for 10 minutes on medium flame.
after that, drop the prepared balls into boiling sugar syrup.

10)Cover it with lid and continue cooking for 15 minutes. You can see the balls have doubled in size. Turn of the stove.

11) keep aside till it cools completely and then refrigerate.

12) Serve them chilled. Garnish with saffron strand.

1) Kneading to a smooth dough is very much important to give a good texture to rasagullas

2)Use deep and wide mouthed vessel for perfect cooking.

3) Add a bit of rava and corn flour (optional) It help to prevent the balls from breaking.

4) Don’t put lemon while milk getting boil,put after it get boiled.

5) Boiling the balls for the right amount of time and at the right heat is also needed.

Laapsi Recipe – Rajasthani Laapsi with broken wheat.

Laapsi is an Indian sweet dish made of broken wheat pieces(Dalia) and ghee along with almonds. It can also be served as a dessert. The benefits of Broken Wheat are its highly rich in fibre. Its very good source of iron. It is full of minerals and vitamins. A classic sweet dish made in all Rajasthani households be it an occasion or just beacuse. The traditional recipe that is made is plain and simple without any nuts and spices. However adding almonds, dried raisins and nuts to this recipe makes it richer and tastier.


1 cup broken wheat
1 cup jaggery (grated)
2 1/2 cups water
2 tbsp ghee
Cardamom powder
8-9 Almonds

Method :

1) Take ghee in a heavy pan and add broken wheat. Fry on medium heat.
2) Stir and cook till the wheat turns golden in colour and exudes aroma.
3)Add boiled water to roasted wheat.
4)Stir gently and cook till the wheat becomes soft.
5)Add jaggery, cardamom powder and chopped badam.
6) Reduce the heat to low and cook covered till the water is all soaked up and the dalia is well cooked. Takes about 20-25 minutes.
7) Cook till ghee separates along the sides.
8 ) Remove in a serving dish and garnish with almonds
9) Serve the laapsi warm as a dessert or a sweet for special occasions.

Note :
1) Always roast the broken wheat on medium flame.
2) Stir continuously while roasting otherwise the lapsi will burn.
3) I have added grated jaggery to Dalia you can also make jaggery warm water and add.

Rajasthani Dal Dhokli Recipe

It is a traditional dish of Rajasthani cuisine generally prepared with dals (lentils) and wheat flour as base ingredients..

Dal Dhokli is a spicy, satisfying, and sumptuous one pot meal made by boiling lightly spiced wheat flour dumplings in a lentil base. While dhokli is made from whole wheat flour aka chapati atta. Dough is made from atta with few spices. Then rolled into thin circle and press it to get circular shapes..Then for a final touch a spicy tempering is added to this cooked dal dhokli.
Dal Dhokli healthy because it has a lot of lentils which are rich in protein..It’s a easy method of making Dal Dhokli.. Kids will definitely love it ..
Do you want to learn the step by step recipe to make Dal Dhokli? Here is how to make Dal Dhokli recipe in traditional Rajasthani style..
Dough to make Dhokli:
1 cup Wheat Flour
1/2 cup Gram Flour
1 tsp Red Chili Powder
1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
•1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
• A Pinch Of Asafetida (Hing)
2 tsp Oil
Salt To Taste
Water as Needed (to make a tight dough)
To Make Dal (lentil base) :
1 cup Chilka moong dal / Split green lentil
2 tsp chana dal (optional)
1 tsp ghee/
1 tsp cooking oil of choice
1 tsp cumin seeds
1tsp mustard seeds
1tsp chopped garlic
6-7 curry leaves
2 green chili finely chopped (optional)
1/2 tsp turmeric/ haldi
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp lal mirch powder
A Pinch of hing Asafoetida
Salt to taste
Water as needed
Fresh lemon
Method :
1) Take a mixing bowl. Add all the dhokli ingredients Mix well, and add water and smooth dough. Leave it for 10 mins..
[wpvideo B82TKsom]

2) Now Divide the dough to make marble sized balls, and press them like a disc. Spread them in a plate separately. And set aside.
3) Make sure you place dhoklis in a wide dish/ plate so that they are not piling on top of each other. This is done to avoid them sticking together.

4)Take a big Kadai add water and boil.. Then add Split green lentil and channa Dal. Bring to boil..Now add dumplings slowly..


)Allow the Dal and dumplings to cook for 10-15 mins. It should have perfect thick soup consistency. Remember it will thicken as it cools.
Add more water if necessary to get desired consistency.


)Once it done..Heat ghee in a pan. Once the ghee is hot, add hing, cumin seeds and mustard seeds and let them crackle for a few seconds. Add curry leaves and garlic, green chilli and fry for a few seconds. Pour the tempering over the dal and give it a gentle mix.

7) Now Garnish the dal dhokli with fresh coriander (optional)
8) Just before serving add generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
9)Serve alongside with some pickle or papad.

1. Dal Dhokli will stay fresh for 2 days in the refrigerator. Just heat it up right before serving.

2. Dal Dhokli thickens as it cools. Especially if there are leftovers for next day. You may add some warm water later to get desired consistency.

3. Makes great office or school lunch pack or for dinner..

Baigan ki sabji /Baingan ki sabzi / Baigan ki recipe /Brinjal Curry Sabji Recipe / Eggplant fry / Rajasthani style.

Brinjal sabzi provides all the nutrients required for your children and for elders in your family like your parents or in-laws staying with you. Actually brinjal is not only tasty but it has got tremendous health benefits and it can be made in various forms. Brinjal sabzi  is widely made in Indian homes and definitely a delicious side dish recipe which goes really well with chapatis, roti & parathas. Its very quick and easy recipe and tastes just super delicious. If you are a brinjal lover, definitely you will love  this recipe, so here it is…

Ingredients :

8-10 Baby Eggplants

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp  cumin seeds

2 -3 tbsp tamarind extract

1 tsp Red Chilli powder

1/2 tsp Coriander powder

1 tsp Cumin powder 

A pinch Asafoetida

 1 tsp garlic

few curry leaves

Salt to taste

2 tsp Oil


  1. Using a knife, chop off the head and discard the head…Wash and cut the brinjal into cubes. Soak them in a bowl of water to avoid discoloration.
  2. Soak the tamarind in 2 tbsp of water for 10 minutes and extract the pulp. Take a large kadai heat 2 tbsp oil and splutter 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp cumin seeds, a pinch of  Asafoetida and few curry leaves.
  3. Add garlic and stir well 
  4. Now add the spices, turmeric powder, chilli powder, ginger paste, garlic paste and salt.
  5. Saute for 1 minute and add tamarind water.
  6. Cook until the masala is cooked well and until oil starts releasing.
  7. Add the cut brinjal pieces into the cooked masala, mix well and cook for few minutes.
  8. Add about 1 small cup water and give a mix.
  9. Close the pan and cook till the brinjals are cooked and releases oil.
  10. Make sure that the brinjals do not get burnt or stick to the bottom of the pan.
  11. Switch of the flame and transfer into a serving dish.
  12. Serve hot baigan ki sabji recipe with rice or roti or parathas.


  1. Buy fresh brinjals and put the cut brinjals in salt water or sprinkle salt all over the baingan pieces inorder to avoid the bitter taste after cooking.
  2. Also do not compromise with oil, as baigan cooks with oil itself.
  3. I have used  tamarind extract I don’t like  to use tomatoes..

Singhara ki Sabzi Recipe

The winter season has started and you must have seen water chestnut in Sowcarpet market, the fruit of Singhara is found in the water of the pond, hence it is also called the water caltrop, water chestnut, ling nut, devil pod, bat nut and buffalo nut.

Singhara has many medicinal values and is very beneficial alsi acts as a coolant, it cures jaundice, has antioxidant properties, treats urine infection, cures indigestion and nausea, relieves cough, helps to combat hypertension, improves blood and is beneficial for hair growth… We often use to buy boil peel and eat… My kids love it too.. So wanted to try making Singhara sabzi and it came out so well…Today, I am going to share with you the recipe for making Singhara ki Sabzi Recipe which is delicious as well as nutritious….
Ingredients :
1/2 kilo Raw Water Chestnut
2 Onion (chopped)
1 tap Ginger paste
I tsp Garlic paste
2 Green Chilly
4-5 cashewnuts
2 Tomatoes (chopped)
I/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
Pinch of Asafoetida (Heeng)
I/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
I /2 tsp Red Chilly Powder
I/2 tsp Coriander Powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala Powder
Salt to taste
2-3 tsp Oil
Coriander Leaves (finely chopped) to garnish
Method :
1).Take Singhara wash it Pressure cook it for about 3 whistle. You don’t need to add water while pressure cook.
[wpvideo x3k75Tab]
2).To make gravy, add chopped onion and tomatoes , cashew nuts, ginger paste , green chilli and garlic paste in a mixer jar and grind them to fine paste.
3).Take oil in a pan and keep it on the gas for heating. When the oil becomes hot, add asafoetida and cumin seeds . After roasting it add grinded pasted and fry it for 2-3 minutes..
4).Now add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder and salt to this roasted spice and Add 1/2 cup of water cook the spices on medium flame till oil shows separately.

5).Add cooked singhara and a glass of water. Cook covered for about 10 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves, singhara sabzi is ready, serve hot with puri or chapatti or rice..

Dry Fruit Kachori (Place of

Place of Origin is filled with a variety of eatables. Once you open the website, you see many categories like snacks, sweets, staples and winter specials. They have tie-ups with most of the popular shops in your town. You can find the famous snacks or sweets from all the states of India here. They have a special section for the health-conscious foodies, where you can pick healthy snacks like karela chips, roasted makhana or dry fruit kachodi. Trust me, they taste so yum that you’ll be addicted!

I had a chance to try few stuffs from Place of Origin and I absolutely loved them.
Have I look at what I got
No.2) Dry fruit kachori::
Im a big foodie and a big fan of chat items…I forget about calories when i think of these foods……What to do they are so addictive . I’m sure many of you sail in the same boat as mine …. Kachori is definitely one such snack that i can die for. Crispy n flaky out side, spicy, tangy and mildly sweet inside. Kachoris can be made with various stuffings…  I got a sample of Dry fruit kachori of Jay Hind Sweets from Place of
About the brand (Jay Hind Sweets)

It Started in 1948, Jayhind is one of Ahmedabad’s most well known shops for mithais, namkeens and dry fruits. With over 6+ decades of experience and ensuring the quality and taste of their ingredients, they have been able to establish themselves as one of the most sought after brands in Gujarat and beyond. The NRI fraternity swears by their sweets containing kaju and badam, due to their longer shelf life. Jayhind now has an export division as well. They have a complete automatic and hygienic plant for their sweets and namkeen production.

About Product (Dry fruit kachori) :
Gram floue(Besan),Maida, Cashew nuts, Raisins(kismis),Sesame seeds(Til),Fennel seed(Saunf),Corrainder seeds,Coriander powder(Dhania),Cumin powder(Jeera),Turmeric powder,Chili powder,Garam masala,Spices,Sugar,Salt,Edible Oil.
Crispy,mild sweet and Spicy
Its really packed amazing loved the golden ball packing which attracts everyone from kids to elders
Dry Fruit Kachori :
. A Crispy small snack balls stuffed with dry fruits and spices makes it a tasty offering on any occasion. Dry fruit Kachori comes with a filling of dry fruits. Jain Vijay Farsan Mart Kachori is perfect for satisfying your hunger cravings. These deep-fried Kachoris along with the delectable filling are simply irresistible.
It can be eaten alone to satisfy the urge of munching something light and tasty or with tea coffee.It also goes very well with green chutney or as a part of the meal.It is a perfect party time Indian snack.

Though Kachoris are native to Rajasthan , this dry fruit kachoris are something very famous in Gujarat. Unlike normal kachoris, these dry fruit Kachoris have long shelf life and can be stored for few weeks to couple of month. Its also little sweetish when compared to normal ones.
Dry fruit Kachori was  yummy and they made it with the way I like it Khatta Meetha.
Reasonably priced which is very healthy !!!!

Place of origin gives us opportunity to buy India’s favorite foods online..They work hard to bring you the finest sweets, snacks, dry fruits, namkeen, pickle, jams, tea, coffee and staples from all over India. You can now discover unique regional delicacies and order from the comfort of your home..