A day well spent at Ciclo Cafe & Ciclo Bazaar!!

Ever wished for a place where you can have amazing food with a subtle ambience and also have a bazaar, where you can lay your hands-on daily essentials, DIY Gourmets and many more, just on the go. Sounds cool already right? But this is not yet, it is a perfect hub for cyclists where you can also check out cycling shoes and accessories regarding bicycles. None like the rest, it is none other than the “CICLO CAFÉ,” dazzling food with a relaxing ambience, who are celebrating their fifth year today and the recently introduced “CICLO BAZAAR” which fulfils your daily requirements as well as gives you access to many imported essentials, and the “CICLO BICYCLE SHOP,” a one stop shop for all your bicycle’s needs.

Being overwhelmed with the set-up, I just couldn’t wait any more to explore their café and have some exotic food. Following all the safety precautions, they welcome their customers and it is their first priority considering that all their plates and the cutleries are packed air-tight until you, yourself open it.

A virtual menu is shared which takes you through their wide varieties of cuisines. They have their own specials and signatures, which you will definitely go on an imaginary ride with me.

With so many options to feast on, it was definitely to make hard choices as to what dishes we were about to try out. The following were the dishes, om which we decided upon:

BBQ Cottage Cheese Balls:

I’m an out and out cheese person and really had some expectations and when it arrived, I loved the way it was presented and the BBQ sauce stood out for me, it was just perfectly blended with the spiciness and at the same time was tangy. The cheeseball was just delicious with the right amount of cheesy, only issue, could’ve been cheesier (cuz why not?) and this combo instantly became one of my favorites.

Verdure Pizza:

Pizza>Life is my mantra. I definitely wanted to try out their pizzas and not gonna lie, I just liked everything about it. Starting from its crunchy thin crust, and It had toppings of Bell Peppers, Onions, Zucchinis, Spinach, Olives and my favorite, as you know, some Mozzarella Cheese! And all of this topping can be adjusted to your preference, the hospitality of Ciclo is just world-class.

Pesto & Vegetable Croissant:

Well, I’ve always imagined having a croissant-sandwich with the filling of my likes. This was filled with vegetables, with the ever-classy pesto sauce and some mozzarella cheese in between a pair of super-soft croissants. It was one true delight and I personally enjoyed every bit of it.

Curried Veg. Cheddar Tiger Burger:

I am pretty sure you are curious about why? It is named as a “tiger burger,” well it is known like that, because of the texture on its buns, which have an exotic texture on them. Loaded with Cheddar Cheese and loads of curried vegetables, which just feels like it is equally healthy.


This is one of the Ciclo-Specials, “Naanza,” is basically a fusion of Tandoor Baked Indian bread, which is known as naan and it is served with toppings just like a pizza, hence, “Naanza.” If it were to me, it tasted better than the pizza. I went with the Cajun Cottage Cheese Salsa. I wanted to add paneer on top and trust me, with cheese, this was heavenly and I just loved each and every bite of it.

Orange Cooler & Tender Coco:

For me, a meal is perfect only with the perfect drinks. I certainly couldn’t wait to try out their mocktails. With so many varieties to choose from, we went with these two. The orange cooler, was loaded with the fruit pulp and mint, just was the perfect aid to any dish. The Tender Coco was filled with the goodness of coconut water and is my favorite of the two. I certainly cannot wait to go back in and try their rest of their mocktails.


Not only Mocktails, but they also have a variety of shakes & smoothies, hot & cold beverages and some cold-pressed juices as well. The “Frankenshake” is a monstrous shake, which is a masterpiece to the eye. It looks so good, that even if I was super full from all the food I’ve just had, I just couldn’t resist myself having a go at it. It was served with hazelnut milkshake, topped with some whipped cream and cocoa rolls and it is definitely a must-try!! It definitely is high on calories, but trust me! It is totally worth it.

Chocolate Fudge Cake:

The soft cake, drowned within a thick layer of chocolate, is just the perfect match for the chocoholics. This is one of the few cafés that offer some variety in eggless desserts, and I certainly did not see that coming. It really gave my taste buds an ever-lasting experience with the essence of chocolate lingering even after I’ done eating was just the perfect ending I could’ve wished for.

One of my best experiences and for sure, it is one of the best in the city. It is a bit pricey, but trust me, it is totally worth it. It also offers one of the ambiences, with the coziness and the interiors and designing just aids to one of the best food experiences. It is just a perfect place for hanging with your friends and families. Their new venture, the Ciclo Bazaar also should be your must-visit place, the varieties they offer, will blow your minds.

Visit now! And you might have the best experience of your lifetime.


Kailash Parbat never fails to impress us. One of its most successful outlets, set up at Adyar was one, that I always wanted to try.

It already looks very majestic on the outlook and the moment you step in the restaurant, the soothingness of the music calms you down and the cool air refreshes you. The ambience is just perfect. With a seating capacity of more than 90, one can just imagine the size of the restaurant.

Their branch Manager, Mr. Parveen Shetty, greeted us with such humbleness and made sure that we were settled down and were comfortable. In no time we were given the menu which was vivid and filled with information of our Indian culture on one side and the variety of items they serve on the other. Not going to lie, it was a hard time choosing what to have with their variety they offer.

The following are the dishes we ordered after much debates 🙂


Manchow Soup:

It’s always advised to start your meal with a soup, and what better than Manchow soup? The taste was just how it should be and it is served with fried noodles and is one of the deadliest combos. It was a great start indeed.

Chat Platter:

The Chat Platter consisted of Dahi Vadas, Crispy Corn Baskets, Sev Puris and Bhel Puri. All the dishes were phenomenal, well after all its Kailash Parbat which is widely known for its chat items and it really did live up to my expectations. However, if I had to pick one, I would go with

Bhel Puri.

Since, that’s my favorite since childhood and hands down serves one of the best in Chennai.

Gobi Manchurian:

Served hot and spicy however you prefer it, dry or gravy. The Gobis are very fluffy and soft and are just very tasty and moreover, the quantity that it arrives with is totally worth it. My only suggestion would be to reduce the usage of oil, as I felt there was little bit too much oil. Elsewise, it was fab.

Pani Puri:

Coming to Kailash Parbat and not trying out their Pani Puris is a sin. This was already on my list, so in no time I ordered. I liked the way it is served here and the sweet and spicy water are just heavenly, the Puris are crisp and the mashed potatoes that are already filled adequately in them, all we got to do is just pour in and enjoy its taste.

Paneer Tikka 2-way:

The uniqueness of this Paneer Tikka is that, its softness and the sheer quality. It is called “2-way” because, it comes with two different coatings of red and green chilly chutneys. Other than that, it is served with the mint chutney which forms up for a deadly combo.

Therefore, the starters really were above expectations and we were already half full, and had to control ourselves, else we would finish our dinner with their fabulous starters. Moving on,


Farmhouse Pizza:

Honestly, I did not expect to see a pizza at Kailash Parbat menu. But since I’m this bigg pizza fan, I thought I should try it. Firstly, it looked delicious, and secondly, it’s loaded with cheese and I am a cheese person and all the cheese-lovers out there will 100% love it. The toppings can be edited according to your preference.

Assorted Breads:

They have a variety of breads that include, Naans, Rotis, Kulchas, Parathaas and each of these have so many sub-varieties where they are stuffed with cheese or garlic and what not! You just can sit there all-day and yet won’t be able to try out everything. it is served hot and is soft. However, this tastes best with a good sabji.

Veg. Kadai (Sabji):

It is basically a mashup of vegetables like capsicums, onions, tomatoes and many more and comes with gravy which makes it spicy and it tastes so good. It literally goes in with any assorted bread and the quantity is just valuable for the money.

Dal Makhani:

Another famous Kailash Parbat signature, the Dal Makhani is a perfect blend of spiciness and the best fact about it is that, it tastes well with any assorted bread as well as rice items, preferably jeera rice.

Veg. Dum Biriyani:

If you’re a fan of spicy dishes, then this is for you. It tastes heavenly with raita (chopped onions/cucumbers in salty curd) and the raita is also served with the rice.

This was our main course and it was indeed a very wholesome meal. Since, I’ve always had a sweet tooth and love having desserts, I really looked forward to end things on a sweet note, but due to the pandemic there has been shortage of resources and only had a few flavours of ice cream in stock.

Nonetheless, despite these difficult circumstances, we had one hell of an evening with good food and good vibes. Without any doubt, special mention goes to their manager and waiters who catered to our needs whenever we needed them. The quality of Kailash Parbat is never questionable. The best part about them is that they don’t just serve the food “for” the customers, they serve the food “according” to their customers. Moreover, it’s a wonderful place for hanging out with your friends and is a good place for organizing small parties or business meetings. Therefore, I would like to conclude by saying that, this should be on your bucket-list and if not, you’re missing out some crazy food.

Also they have opened a new restaurant in Velachery don’t forget to visit it and thank me later.. bye bye

Experience at the Pasta Bar Veneto -VR Mall

The newly opened branch, of this already established Italian counterpart in India. What comes more with its next new outlet is an improved ambience and a tenacious atmosphere which cannot hold you back from having some Italian masterpieces. This Italian restaurant takes you directly to the loving and cheesy streets of Italy.

To start off with, the menu was a nice depiction of the Italian classic facts with the names of the dishes also having a majority of its essence of the Italian language. The menu consisted of starters, soups, pizzas, burgers, pastas, grills, beverages and the ever-sweet desserts.

With the wide multi cuisines, and some soups to choose from, we went on with the following dishes:

       i.          Cheese and mushroom Crostini:

These sliced breads topped off with loads of cheese and lowkey cut boiled mushrooms just makes this a perfect treat for the cheese-mushroom lovers. This can definitely be on my must try list, it tastes heavenly with tomato ketchup.

      ii.          Herbs & Cheese Garlic Bread:

Just served similarly like the previous crostini, the only difference is the doubling of cheese and a few seasoning and “herbs” to make it a cheese garlic bread. The perfect yet simple way to start your meal.

    iii.          Zuppa Funghi (soup):

The weirder the name sounds, the absolute better its taste. This tasted more like the sauce of the milk cream cheese pasta and some cut mushrooms made it a perfect combo of an Italian start off. The breads served with it were the softest of its kind and supports each other so damn well.

    iv.          French Fries with Honey Chilli / Cheese:

The all-time favourite French fries just got even more better, the quantity that is provided is worth its price and the two options that is, either honeychilli sauce or with cheese, I went for the honeychilli sauce just to try out something new and it was really one of the best experiences I’ve never had in Chennai.

      v.          Potato Pea and Cheese Crostini:

The softest of the breads with a layer of garlic sauce, cut into rectangular shapes and are topped off with bland mashed potatoes, all time favourite cheese, and whole green peas makes it one of the most desirable dishes. But the taste could be much better with some spices, but its Italian, no spices are added in this cuisine, so the way it is, I didn’t like it very much.

Through the course of these starters, there’s always room for some drinks and beverages along the routes of experiencing some magnificent Italian food, we did have around 8 to 10 options….

I went for some drinks like, Virgin MojitoIced TeaChocolate Shake and Mint Lemonade. These beverages along the route were just so good to add-on and all these drinks were up to the mark and refreshing as well.

Moving on to the main course, Italian cuisines also have a wide variety in main course dishes, but I was already full, the following were the ones that I tried and tested for you guys:

    vi.          Veg. Grilled Barbeque:

This one surprised me the most, I kind of expected a lot on this one, but it kind of disappointed me on a bigger note, because it consisted of just grilled vegetables and a few blocks of toasted parmesan blocks. This is definitely not worth the price and neither it is filling the tummy.

   vii.          Quattro Formaggi (Pasta):

This variant of pasta was one of the best in chennai and I’ve ever had in my life. This one’s for all the cheese-lovers as it is the combination of four varieties of cheeses combined and put up into a penne pasta style, just looks irresistible and the moment when it melts in your mouth. Just gives the chills.

 viii.          Pizza Diavolo:

Without Pizzas there is no Italian cuisine for me, it was a must for me to try out something. The pizza was a perfect blend and probably the only thing that was spicy and fun to have. The toppings included, bell peppers, olives, tomatoes and the all-time important cheese. 

    ix.          Veg. Lasagna Exotica:

The lasagnas, which I am a huge fan of, where would I get anything better from other than at an Italian restaurant.The stuffing included parmesan assorted breads, veggies and a layer of milk cheese to top it and is baked and served which looked so delicious and without thinking I poke into it.

      x.          Veg. Tofu Burger:

One of their Signature dishes, the best of quality tofu patty stuffed right in between cottage cheese and different sauces with leaves of cabbages and huge soft, well chiseled breads and it was served along with few fries and a lot of love.

The main course was about all this.

This amazing journey till now was just going to get better with the widest of options in their desserts section and it was little or no expectations from my side, but the desserts really did blow off my minds, So, are you guys ready for the sweet journey. The desserts that I ordered were as follows:

    xi.          Apple Strudel:

The apple strudel, is just the fairytale ending of any meal, the sweet pie topped up with sliced apples, and a custard mixture, that tastes heavenly when tried together.

   xii.          Panna Cotta:

I have had some panna cottas, In Chennai, and this was the best I’ve had ever. The giggly effect with the right amount of gelatin level, and the sweetness was on point. Dipped in strawberry squash and some strawberries to top off was just a look to be admired for a second.

 xiii.          Chocolate Mousse:

For all the chocolate-lovers in Chennai, Mousse is always that I as a foodie relish on. The presence of cocoa is just blissful and in fact I was drooling over it and was again well served on a platter. The amount of sweetness could have been more and would have been just perfect.

  xiv.          Mud Pie Cake:

This cake was basically an incarnation of dark cocoa powder with addition of gelatin to make it more softer and the taste of it was like something like chocolate, then there were some crushed biscuits giving it a muddy look and overall it was a nice experience. 

About the may flower cafe at T nagar❤️

I recently visited @themayflowercafe which is set up at Burkit Road, in an revamped Art Deco Bungalow which is 60 years old. Its really an amazing and a cool place to hang out with friends and family..

The first flooring is space for coworkers and cafe is at ground floor. The ambience is amazing with lot plants inside the rooms and well decorated.

Its welcoming us with positive vibes consisting of white walls and blue windows, forgotten titles lining up a bookshelf, wicker baskets peeping from behind cascading money-plants, rustic chandeliers, and trippy wall art..

I totally loved the decor as well a relaxing swing, wooden chairs, floral art on walls, this 60-year-old bungalow is really amazing making old memories cherished..

The menu is curated by “Mad Chef” Koushik Shankar. It took around half an hour to get ready and all the items were fresh. They served it one by one we really enjoyed it Service was upto the mark. Prices are convenient as well..

Dim sum veg soup :

We started with Dim sum veg clear soup which is really delicious with corn & spinach dumpling & lots of green vegetables inside. It was giving an authentic taste.. it’s not just delicious but also quite healthy as it is loaded with fiber and the goodness of vegetables.

Onion rings:

It tasted awfully cheesy and a really crunchy delight.. It got served with the sour salsa cream.. Still remember the crispy taste hindering in my mind!

Cajun Paneer skewers:

I totally loved the paneer which was coated in a yogurt sauce, smothered in tandoori spices, and grilled on skewers just amazing

Crispy lotus stem:

This give you a crunchy texture and sweet and spicy taste with every bite.

I loved the texture as the lotus root has an interestingly crisp and fibrous texture.

The flavor of lotus root is equally unique and healthy

Corn and broccoli vegetable dim sum:

I totally loved the fresh look of colourful and crunchy vegetables in this delightful dimsum. The presentation was amazing and it was the perfect mix of Carrot, Broccoli with cheese..Dim-sum as they looked real attractive & tasted equally good.

Mexicana Nachos :

Nachos are my all time favourite snack …So was very much excited to taste it.. The taste was good but I feel there were lot of tomatoes added so it got soaked.. Other wise it’s good.

Chilli Basil Vegetables:

I loved it totally it has lot of Vegetables like corn, lotus stem , cabbage, cucumber sorted with sauce..

Paneer Pesto Pizza :

Pizza lovers, should definitely visit The Mayflower Special and have their signature pizza dish. It’s got all veggies – zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, olives, corn, and bell pepper with thin crust and cheese overload is paradise. We also tried Paneer pesto pizza with a crisp base and chunky slices of paneer interspersed with roundels of cheese and green chutney.

Khao Suey:

For main course we ordered

Khao Suey which is served in an elaborate platter with an assortment of garnishes including fried garlic, onions, lemons, roasted peanuts and, basil leaves and four others. The Burmese soup meal is a sight in itself.

It was really extraordinary.

Pina Nata Colada :

Its a fusion of Pineapple & Coconut arrives, shivering in happiness just like me it was a heaven tasting it..

orange flambo darsan:

Its made of orange peel and served with flame. It taste out of the world..

Watermelon juice:

Its fresh as well healthy without sugar and enjoyed it with mild ginger taste.

Opening hours 12 noon to 11 pm

Average cost 600 per person approximate

How can we forget to take a selfie with fellow bloggers. Here it is…

The food was amazing! The Khao seuy is a must try here. The service was great, the staff are helpful with a big smile.

Madras Kitchen Company – Westin Velachery

Recently visited Madras Kitchen Company for lunch.. It’s really a Nice place to experience the real taste of street food of Asia and India. The dishes here are truly authentic…It is a newly opened restaurant inside The Westin Chennai.

The menu is designed like a newspaper named Namma Chennai. The food tastes homely, not oily and not much spicy… It’s always important to get off to a headstart to make a meal memorable.

We started with

Amul Cheese and Crushed Guntur chillies toast:

This was literally, the first thing that I ordered1 only for the love of the cheese. And when you notice with some hot spicy chillies specially hand-picked from “Guntur” excited me a lot. 4pcs were served along with their unique and exotic Tamarind sauce, which sounds weird, but it actually tastes better. My only suggestion would be to add the number of slices! xD

MKC Style Vada Pav:

This one’s for the love of Bombay! the soft & fluffy “Pav” with “Vadas” filled with boiled and mashed Masala Potatoes. But the real flavour heats up with the spicy dry garlic chutney and when the fried green chillies heats up the moment! And doubles the level of taste. Honestly, that was the best Vada Pav I’ve ever had.

Ghee tossed Podi Idli:

The dish that I’ve been having it from my childhood, definitely I had so much of expectations especially from this one. The best part about this was the way it arrived! In a tiffin box. Yes! That was such Nostalgia!!! Talking about the taste, it was superb. But the korma was not upto the mark! My suggestion would be to spice up things and add some vegetables. But the idli is still quivering in my mind! The softness and the spiceness was just perfect, just like a match made in heaven!

POT Paneer Soda:

The infusion of Paneer soda, which is famous in the south and getting it in a poch hotel like “WESTIN” was a massive surprise for me! There was innovation in this too! Serving it in a Mud Pot with loads of ice, and trust me, it was so so refreshing and helped me throughout the meal, its totally worth it.

Wooooooh !! this was soo exciting! Starters were so good, I just felt like I was roaming in the streets with local food. Just loving it! Moving on to the main course for the day!

Veg. Quinoa Tawa Pulao:

Not having much of varities for the vegetarians out there! Though disappointed, the quinoa tawa pulao was something which is not common in restaurants, it was different and that is why I love trying out different things and being adventurous is my style! Though it didn’t come upto my expectations and it could’ve been more spicy, it was served with some onion raita, which was impressive but, In my view, the right side would be some spicy pickle or vinegar onions, On the whole, it was a good and a memorable experience!

Aloo Chole aur Kulche, Kasundhi mirchi:

I must say, by far the most underrated dish of the day! When I saw the item and I just expected it to normal chole and some assorted breads, but I was so damn impressed with the taste of their kulche and the chole was just mouth-watering! It was indeed very yum, that I doubled up my order. The softness of the kulche and the spicy chole makes it an unbreakable Jodi. The “Kasundhi Mirchi” and “Groundnut mint Coriander Chilli Chutney” which was brought alongside the chole was just making the moment heavenly!

Veg. Dumblings:

Not been a big fan of dumblings before, but wait a MINUTE! The MKC-Chennai have changed my mind! The taste was pure and yummy, it was stuffed with tasty pokchoy, tofu, shiitake and celery. 4pcs were served dressed beautifully, half-drowned in schezwan soup which made it awfully look good.

We also tried makki Di sabzi and sarso Di sabzi all the way from Punjab…

BUUUUUURP! That was one hell of a ride! But since its newly developing restaurant in the city, there should be more items to be added upon to the menu to offer the people!!

No Matter, How, much I Eat, there’s always room for Desserts! Moving on to my favourite section of my reviews.  Finally, so many options to choose from!

Nutella Shake :

Who doesn’t love Nutella? With the goodness of Nutella, and vanilla ice-creams and whipped cream with sugar sprinklers to top it off was just looking and seducing me to crave for it! As soon as the waiter served us, I immediately started having it. Oh, my goodness! It was just brilliant! I just couldn’t believe for once, that such a heavenly thing would even exist in the world! It was my favourite! And my partner has watermelon juice..

Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake:

After much dilemma, I went with the “Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake” being the big big choc-lover I really anticipated on this one. Filled with the milkshake made up of the bulk of brown brownies and chocolate syrup and yummy Vanilla icecream! as it’s a freak shake, it demands to be gorgeous! And it indeed was with some Honey showerings, Whipped cream and was topped with Cadbury Gems and it looks way better than me describing it here, in words!

Chocolate Textures with Berries:

Well, this is one of the signature dishes of MKC-Chennai, just like how fishes can’t without water, I can’t live without desserts! This came out pretty unexpected, but its name on the menu was very intriguing and increased my levels of curiosity! Pretty much shocked seeing it and it felt like heaven after tasting it! With layers of gelatin chocolate, with a soft chocolate bar as its core, and a layer of smashed berries around it. The whole experience was very unique and will definitely have an everlasting impact.

Veg options were less but really enjoyed the dishes what we had.. The place had a good vibe and the staff were so helpful.. 

Meal for two INR 1,200 approx
Definetly will go back again to enjoy the array of dishes at this cozy place.

A journey at Food Nirvana

Recently visited Food Nirvana it’s one of the better vegetarian place to dine with family and friends. Food was good , service was prompt and ambience was decent. The variety makes the place unique. You could enjoy both north indian as well as Indianised versions of continental cuisine. We can enjoy Italian, Oriental and North Indian. The food is priced at a premium, but the quality and taste is pretty much matched. Here my food Nirvana journey starts.. We started with


    The traditional! yet not so traditional way, to start your meal. The CURRIEDCREME soup will sooth and clear your minds off with its mesmerizing taste and is beautifully set with coriander leaves dressed upon it. This is by far the best soup I’ve ever tried. So don’t miss out on this one


    Moving on to the best segment of the restaurant, the starters! With the smoking hot and mouth watering tandoori items served like, spicy paneer slices, Fried Potato balls and served with Mint and mustard chutnies respectively. 

This platter is also one of the musts and you can definitely ask for more varieties of chutney to enhance the taste!

Cream Jamun spicy potato :

The dish as the name suggests is one of the most unique combinations I’ve ever come through! It comes wonderfully with fried and crispy potato topped with awesome spicy chipotle making it one hell of an experience. All the potato lovers will love this one to the last bits!

Chilli Garlic Lotus stem:

Moving On, to one of. The most exotic dishes of the restaurant, where the homegrown sweet lotus stems are cut into slices and deep-fried to crisps. 

This tangy-spicy tale tastes even more hotter with the schezwan chilly sauce! This was one unforgettable taste!

 Peri Peri Paneer :

 This dish is one of the chef’s signature. Tossed in the Arabiano classic seasoning, the Peri Peri panner has a Spice- flavoured taste!  With the softest of Paneer fried the sides of the cuboids to perfection! Making it look so so tasty.. This is by far the best in CHENNAI!

Well.. That’s was the starters section! It’s seriously one of the best on Chennai! Probably in the south! 

I was honestly already half full.. And starters were even more seducing! on the menu!

Spicy Mexican Pasta Bake :

I was always a fan of Italian dishes! This dish made me forget where. I was, gave such an ethnic experience! Topped with melting cheese, red paprikaas, and soft pennes which were spicy and divine at the same time!

Being a north Indian, and not ending a meal with Rotis or naans? Not a chance!


after much consideration, we decided, to order three varieties of Naan! 

I) Pudina Naan:

Who would decline the soft-doughed naans with the goodness of Pudina! 

The leaves blend with Naan, and the taste that comes as a result! Is Mind-blowing. 

II) Kashmiri Naan:

This is one of the exclusives of “Food Nirvana” with colourful sesame seeds embedded onto the soft naans, makes it a visual treat! 

III) Choor Choor Naan:

This is one of the most innovative types of Naan, that I’ve ever come through! The name suggests it’s “crumbled-Naan” which is absolutely true! The taste is subject to variation as some are spicy, some are buttery and some are plain!  Overall! I loved all the naans!


With the naans, being this impressive, the sidedishes with whom naans are eaten, should be great! Right? 

We ordered the following Sabziz for our Naan! 

I) Paneer Patiala:

 The main reason for me, ordering this was for the eternal love for paneer! The Panner Patiala, though I expected it to be something spicy, but it didn’t and I also suggest the restaurant to add up some spice, and make this one legendary, else wise it was just perfect. 

The smooth and fluffy panner tasted so good with Naan! Still my tonguebuds can feel It! 

II) Veg. Kolapuri:

The Veg. Kolapuri, was again, something that preceeded my expectations and was good! There were so many vegetables mixed within, that it gave me homely feel! Yes again the same suggestion goes here, to make things spicy! On the whole, it did make the whole main course a memorable one!

Wait! There’s more! How can you end? Without something sweet? 

Moving on to the desserts section! We were full to the neck! But the desserts were just so hard to ignore, so we just decided to go with some and tryout something!


I) Chocolate Delight:

Just like the image references, the pastry-like thing filled with cream and cocoa, with a hint of coffee cream! And sprinkled color sugar balls, to top it off, with a chocolate statue, just the perfect dish for any choc-lover! 

II) Panakota:

Well, to be very honest, I just ordered it due to the fondness of its name! And I’ve been wanting to try that for a very long time! And I decided to go with it! To my surprise , it did come up to the level of my expectations! Made of creamy milk solids with gelatin added for the “jelly-like” feeling and topping it off with strawberry squash and some leaves, just paved the way for a perfect ending! It was perfect indeed, the levels of sweetness was on point!

।।।) Carrot Halwa: 

It was up to the mark and we all really loved it ..

।V) Paan Ice:

It’s my favourite I have tasted at many places just wanted to try here so ordered and it was really so much delicious.

Alas, all is sweet when the end I’d sweeeeet! Hope you’ve enjoyed my experience! I’ve definitely loved! Sharing mine! 😉

Do try it out and have fun with your family!

Kerala Food Festival at Regenta Central Deccan

All you food lovers around town, don’t miss out on this one! Come and experience the distinct aroma and the varied flavors of the Kerala cuisine. Relish the authentic and sumptuous delicacies like Puttu along with some tempting desserts like Payasam and more.

Yes you heard it right In Chennai now you can experience the authentic Kerala food which is all about the gastronomical affair that you experience on the streets of Kerala. So, make yourself a part of the festival if you wish to relish the taste of street food from across Kerala. This is going to be a ten day festivals from June 21st to 30th June at Regenta Central Deccan..

KERALA FOOD FESTIVAL delicacies will be presented and prepared by Chef N. Saraswathi Viswanathan, Award Winner and a Women Entrepreneur from Thrissur, Kerala. She is known for her Kerala cuisine and has made a name for herself in the cooking world with it.
As I took a walk along the buffet, the counters seemed endless. The exotic exhibit of delicacies starting from Puttu to Payasam tinkles your senses with aroma.
Live counter :

Ragi Puttu and kadalai Kari which was really tempting with delicious taste..

My favourite was Buttermilk seasoned with onion and spices gave a twist and tangy taste I loved it to the core.
The food tasted like home cooked food and we absolutely loved it for that…
The festival features all the traditional mainstays of Kerala cuisine,
Starter : Ulli vada

Soup: Drumstick Soup
Main course :
Kaalan (yam), Avial, Veg Moilee, Vishnu Kanji, Olan, Sembu Puli Kari, Nendrapazham pulluserry, Mambhazam Pachadi, Elavan Kootu, Puli Kari Uppery, Mambhazam Sambar, Rasam , Biriyani , Buttermilk and much more..

Ottada, Ada Paayasam, Sada Sadayam

Jackfruit Chips, Banana Chips, Sarkara Upperi, Unniappam, Pappadam.
Nartanga, Kadu Maanga, Kani Maanga, Inji puli pickles along with some traditional items with a twist.
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Daily they are serving different menu for all ten days. I totally enjoyed the food very much..

If you love coconut in your food then you’ll love this festival. The variety of food available isn’t particularly large, but what’s made is made well, so if you like Kerala food and looking for a buffet to eat as much as you can, then this is for you.
The food festival is on for lunch and dinner throughout this week so do keep that in mind.
Where: Regenta Central Deccan, Chennai
When: 21st June to 30 th June
Timings : Lunch 12 Pm-3 Pm and
Dinner 7 Pm -11 Pm.
Buffet price : Rs. 888/-
For more information contact Regenta Central Deccan situated at No 36, Royapettah High Road, Royapettah, Chennai at 6677 3333 or 98409 78842

The Board room cafe – Unique games and yummy Vegetarian food 😍

Board room cafe has become the new hangout spot of the season The cafe is a dedicated space for board game enthusiasts. The boardroom is widely used by Top Corporate for their board meetings and training Programmes and also organizes events like stand-up comedy, music performances, etc.
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Its a Board Game Cafe with over 250 games, that serves teas, pasta, paninis, and snacks. The food is yummy, the tea is one of (if not the) the best in the region, the ambiance homely and welcoming. This cafe is run by three founders Sriram, Varun and Shravan.

The Boardroom Cafe is genuinely a nice place where you’ll feel welcome and receive good service and quality. Also, the owners may be three of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. They help you out to explain the games patiently with a big smile in their faces. I wish them all the best, and a flourishing success to them.
When i got a invite to visit Board room I was totally excited as never visited a place full of games and food combination. Nowadays everyone busy with their own life busy schedule. Its the best place to spend amazing time together with family and friends to make memories. The place is nicely decorated and based on a unique concept and the place is quite attracting.
Ambiance is amazing:

All I can say is if you want to hang out with your friends, have a good laugh, chill and play games, this place is right for you! They have many board games that we customers can choose, and it isn’t just the normal board games we all know. The whole interior design of the cafe is great with wooden table and chairs instead of the cushion as well as we can sit for long and relax. I mean, the place is big enough for a huge number of friends, the only thing that bothers me is the chats off each crowd just mixes to one another causing huge noise pollution. But if you want to play and enjoy downstairs also in the cafe.

Once you start playing board games here I assure you that you and your gang will play and stay there until the whole cafe closes. They are plenty of quality board games for all ages and tastes, Its really enjoyable time with friends or family. Amazing and Commendable service and the people are helpful with the games and rules. Cost is affordable as well. Food: I am so happy as they have all vegetarian food. They have different varieties of teas, pasta, paninis, and sandwiches.

I tried Rajma rice, Marinara pasta, Spicy red garlic bruschetta ……The presentation of food is great and tasted amazing.

I liked the delicious taste of red pasta with the cream cheese..

Rajma rice could have been more spicy and less cook.

I also loved the ginger lemon tea which Improves Immune System. Check out their menu
Board games:

We played a game called patchwork, which involved earning coins, buying building blocks and filling up our board with the blocks, while progressing step by step on a spiral track.
When a player takes an action that moves his time token to the central square of the time track, he takes one final button income from the bank. Once both players are in the center, the game ends and scoring takes place. Each player scores one point per button in his possession, then loses two points for each empty square on his game board. Scores can be negative. The player with the most points wins.

Next, we played a card game, trying to have a full set of one type of cards while exchanging unwanted cards by auction like one to one, two to two, with other players. Had amazing fun playing with Srinidhi, Karthik Pasupathi, and others.

Finally, we played a game called “High Society” wherein the objective is to spend our money to buy various luxuries of life, avoid negative card, bid and buy deck has a dark green background – the three prestige cards, and the Scandal card. Players are socialites trying to live as lavishly and frivolously as possible, outbidding each other to prove they are living life to the fullest. At the end of the game, the poorest player (or players) will be cast out of the group. The remaining player who has managed to become the most fashionable, by collecting the highest value status cards, will earn the envy of all and win the game. As soon as the fourth one is revealed, the game ends immediately, with no bidding for the revealed card.

Check the collection of board games There were also traditional games available here !!!
At last, What I loved about this place is their neatly done creative interior……..
Location is simply banging on as it is opposite to luz corner which easily gathers college crowd.
The menu is pricey as compared to the spending capacity of a teenager
I rate 4/5 overall. I request to add some more dishes.
Overall good for teenagers as well as families as they have lots of board games to play around…
There are soooo many NEW and super COOL things at the cafe!!! A lot of International board games!! Hurry up friends check them out!!
Board Room Snacks and Games Cafe is still HIGHLY recommended because of the great atmosphere they have. The most perfect part of this cafe is the moments you and your friends will create while dining. If they’ll just upgrade the taste of their food and add some more varieties, I am a hundred percent sure that they’ll be one of the best eats in town!
The Board Room at Mylapore, Chennai don’t have a website yet but can be reached via phone or
Facebook here
Instagram here
Zomato: here
The Board Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
You buy an entry ticket (INR 250 per day without food, INR 400 with 200 Rs worth food coupon) and gain access to the Board Room.
Opens at 10 AM and closes by 10 PM
The Board Room
3, Bheema Sena Garden St, Nagarathinam Colony, Sullivan Garden, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
Phone: 073584 44029
Check Google Maps here
Enjoy vegetarian food with happy board gaming!!!!