Celebrating Birthday with joyful for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion week. Day 1 ( Joy)

Emotions play an important role in our life. Today I’m going to talk about joy. I feel personally that joy is a powerful emotion &  its often a surprise And teaching yourself to be joyful is the single greatest thing you could do to enhance your health
I feel joyful whenever i feel satisfy by helping others.. Everyone celebrate their birthday going to a orphanage is happiness but i feel joy is when we have to make them feel special and see their joyful smile ..  . So me and my friends want to feel  that joyness  so decided to  take up one orphanage for the whole year to complete all the kids Birthday Followed by the calendar, On that note we got to fulfill these kids…
Yesterday we celebrated the very 1st Birthday celebration to our Little ones from saidapet Thiruvalur Gurukulam school, as we planned to celebrate God owns children’s!!!

Me and my kids were so excited and reached the venue the cake was ready!
As we reached all the kids surrounded us and the 2 who is celebrating their birthday ready with lipstick on lips as they also very much excited … The birthday kids ready….
Mathi was so happy she want to put makeup though i was not prepared i put lipstick , kajal and compact.. She was jumping here and there in excitment and the other girl  Jaygeetha , small girl wearing blue frock asked me seeing the cake is this cake for me on my birthday mam??? I replied yes dear…She came to me and kissed my cheek  and thanked me saying i never cut the cake on my  birthday thanks alot!! My eyes were overwhelmed with joyful tears.. Her words touched my soul…  I felt the joyfull emotions that i make someone feel happy and spread joy all around !!!! I  saw the spark of happiness in their little eyes..

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