Dainik Jagran – Seventy Five Years still going strong!!!

As many of us wake reading Dainik Jagran newspaper daily…. Its the first daily newspaper we get. It was year 1942 when Dainik Jagran came into existence under Jagran Prakashan Ltd (JPL). Growing along with the democracy in india. Dainik Jagran has made sure that the its “moolmantra” of let the work speak for their credibility , has worked in their favor , today it’s been 75 years of printing and circulation. Their vision has always been ‘creating a newspaper that would reflect the free voice of the people.
Dainik Jagran has shown that if you know your responsibility as a Media representative, the upliftment of the society shall be your foremost agenda.
The news shall depict both achievements and shortcomings of the way a country is functioning and Dainik Jagran has never shied away from being bold in printing the real scenario.
Having a great editorial team is a must for any media house to work and Jagran Praskashan always made sure that the best team plans and prints the genuine news with great precision.
Taking up the issue of population under its stride, Dainik Jagran became part of Legendry Slogan and a great drive by the government “Hum do Hamare do”. From letting people know what can be the repercussions of having too big a family to even educating them about contraceptive methods available in the market, Dainik Jagran made sure that the message circulates and reaches each and every citizen of India.
Defining and showcasing media and its true power, changing India with changing times.

Dainik Jagran has grown up with our democracy. We wish the national daily Hindi newspaper a very Happy Birthday. 75Years of DAINIK JAGRAN.

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