Experience at the Pasta Bar Veneto -VR Mall

The newly opened branch, of this already established Italian counterpart in India. What comes more with its next new outlet is an improved ambience and a tenacious atmosphere which cannot hold you back from having some Italian masterpieces. This Italian restaurant takes you directly to the loving and cheesy streets of Italy.

To start off with, the menu was a nice depiction of the Italian classic facts with the names of the dishes also having a majority of its essence of the Italian language. The menu consisted of starters, soups, pizzas, burgers, pastas, grills, beverages and the ever-sweet desserts.

With the wide multi cuisines, and some soups to choose from, we went on with the following dishes:

       i.          Cheese and mushroom Crostini:

These sliced breads topped off with loads of cheese and lowkey cut boiled mushrooms just makes this a perfect treat for the cheese-mushroom lovers. This can definitely be on my must try list, it tastes heavenly with tomato ketchup.

      ii.          Herbs & Cheese Garlic Bread:

Just served similarly like the previous crostini, the only difference is the doubling of cheese and a few seasoning and “herbs” to make it a cheese garlic bread. The perfect yet simple way to start your meal.

    iii.          Zuppa Funghi (soup):

The weirder the name sounds, the absolute better its taste. This tasted more like the sauce of the milk cream cheese pasta and some cut mushrooms made it a perfect combo of an Italian start off. The breads served with it were the softest of its kind and supports each other so damn well.

    iv.          French Fries with Honey Chilli / Cheese:

The all-time favourite French fries just got even more better, the quantity that is provided is worth its price and the two options that is, either honeychilli sauce or with cheese, I went for the honeychilli sauce just to try out something new and it was really one of the best experiences I’ve never had in Chennai.

      v.          Potato Pea and Cheese Crostini:

The softest of the breads with a layer of garlic sauce, cut into rectangular shapes and are topped off with bland mashed potatoes, all time favourite cheese, and whole green peas makes it one of the most desirable dishes. But the taste could be much better with some spices, but its Italian, no spices are added in this cuisine, so the way it is, I didn’t like it very much.

Through the course of these starters, there’s always room for some drinks and beverages along the routes of experiencing some magnificent Italian food, we did have around 8 to 10 options….

I went for some drinks like, Virgin MojitoIced TeaChocolate Shake and Mint Lemonade. These beverages along the route were just so good to add-on and all these drinks were up to the mark and refreshing as well.

Moving on to the main course, Italian cuisines also have a wide variety in main course dishes, but I was already full, the following were the ones that I tried and tested for you guys:

    vi.          Veg. Grilled Barbeque:

This one surprised me the most, I kind of expected a lot on this one, but it kind of disappointed me on a bigger note, because it consisted of just grilled vegetables and a few blocks of toasted parmesan blocks. This is definitely not worth the price and neither it is filling the tummy.

   vii.          Quattro Formaggi (Pasta):

This variant of pasta was one of the best in chennai and I’ve ever had in my life. This one’s for all the cheese-lovers as it is the combination of four varieties of cheeses combined and put up into a penne pasta style, just looks irresistible and the moment when it melts in your mouth. Just gives the chills.

 viii.          Pizza Diavolo:

Without Pizzas there is no Italian cuisine for me, it was a must for me to try out something. The pizza was a perfect blend and probably the only thing that was spicy and fun to have. The toppings included, bell peppers, olives, tomatoes and the all-time important cheese. 

    ix.          Veg. Lasagna Exotica:

The lasagnas, which I am a huge fan of, where would I get anything better from other than at an Italian restaurant.The stuffing included parmesan assorted breads, veggies and a layer of milk cheese to top it and is baked and served which looked so delicious and without thinking I poke into it.

      x.          Veg. Tofu Burger:

One of their Signature dishes, the best of quality tofu patty stuffed right in between cottage cheese and different sauces with leaves of cabbages and huge soft, well chiseled breads and it was served along with few fries and a lot of love.

The main course was about all this.

This amazing journey till now was just going to get better with the widest of options in their desserts section and it was little or no expectations from my side, but the desserts really did blow off my minds, So, are you guys ready for the sweet journey. The desserts that I ordered were as follows:

    xi.          Apple Strudel:

The apple strudel, is just the fairytale ending of any meal, the sweet pie topped up with sliced apples, and a custard mixture, that tastes heavenly when tried together.

   xii.          Panna Cotta:

I have had some panna cottas, In Chennai, and this was the best I’ve had ever. The giggly effect with the right amount of gelatin level, and the sweetness was on point. Dipped in strawberry squash and some strawberries to top off was just a look to be admired for a second.

 xiii.          Chocolate Mousse:

For all the chocolate-lovers in Chennai, Mousse is always that I as a foodie relish on. The presence of cocoa is just blissful and in fact I was drooling over it and was again well served on a platter. The amount of sweetness could have been more and would have been just perfect.

  xiv.          Mud Pie Cake:

This cake was basically an incarnation of dark cocoa powder with addition of gelatin to make it more softer and the taste of it was like something like chocolate, then there were some crushed biscuits giving it a muddy look and overall it was a nice experience. 

13 thoughts on “Experience at the Pasta Bar Veneto -VR Mall

  1. Amazing and beautiful post. That’s so amazing place for continental meal . The Veg. Lasagna Exotica looks so tempting and mouthwatering. Definitely visit this place. Great thoughts.

  2. One should definitely visit this place. I must say they are serving some amazing and mouth watering dishes. I would love to try all these dishes. Thanks for suggesting

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