Khoba Roti Recipe

Once my friend came from Mumbai she loved rajasthani dishes very much so i wanted to give her pleasant dinner making khobaroti.. which is eaten with Moong daal…
An authentic Rajasthani thali is traditionally vegetarian. The Rajasthani Khoba is a famous and traditional dish it looks thick and crusty, and tastier than the regular chappati. The success of this recipe depends a lot on how you knead the atta, so do spend a considerable amount of time kneading with your knuckles…
So let see how can make khoba roti.
Wheat flour (atta) (1 cup)
Salt (ΒΌ tsp)
Desi ghee (2 tbsp)
Water to make a thick dough
1. Take flour is a big bowl and then Add salt and 50 grms ghee in flour and mix well. Now add little water at a time and knead bit hard dough than required for making regular roti and cover it keep aside for 15 minutes to set.
2. After 15 min over just take the flour apply some oil in ur palm and knead the dough again until it is smooth
3. Make a round dough ball(each three-times the size of the balls used for normal rotis). Place the dough ball on rolling plate and roll like u roll for roti…
4. Heat a tawa on a medium flame and place the roti on it. Flip it once light brown patches begin to appear on the inside and take a knife and just pinch it 4-5 times as it wont comes out like roti..
5.Now turn the roti and make small peaks with help of your thumb and finger on the roasted side of your roti. Make peaks on the entire roti.
6.Roast until roti gets brown spots on the other side. Take the roti off the tawa and plop it directly onto a low flame until it gets brown spots on both sides.
7. Place the roti on a plate & apply desi ghee on it… Now ur khoba roti is ready serve hot
I served to my friend with moong daal as well we can eat khoba roti with jaggery and ghee like it is shown in the plate in the pic… She really enjoyed it very well ..
You all too try it and surprise your friends who love Rajasthani dishes.. A ny doubt am always there to guide u friends …..

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