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Recently visited Madras Kitchen Company for lunch.. It’s really a Nice place to experience the real taste of street food of Asia and India. The dishes here are truly authentic…It is a newly opened restaurant inside The Westin Chennai.

The menu is designed like a newspaper named Namma Chennai. The food tastes homely, not oily and not much spicy… It’s always important to get off to a headstart to make a meal memorable.

We started with

Amul Cheese and Crushed Guntur chillies toast:

This was literally, the first thing that I ordered1 only for the love of the cheese. And when you notice with some hot spicy chillies specially hand-picked from “Guntur” excited me a lot. 4pcs were served along with their unique and exotic Tamarind sauce, which sounds weird, but it actually tastes better. My only suggestion would be to add the number of slices! xD

MKC Style Vada Pav:

This one’s for the love of Bombay! the soft & fluffy “Pav” with “Vadas” filled with boiled and mashed Masala Potatoes. But the real flavour heats up with the spicy dry garlic chutney and when the fried green chillies heats up the moment! And doubles the level of taste. Honestly, that was the best Vada Pav I’ve ever had.

Ghee tossed Podi Idli:

The dish that I’ve been having it from my childhood, definitely I had so much of expectations especially from this one. The best part about this was the way it arrived! In a tiffin box. Yes! That was such Nostalgia!!! Talking about the taste, it was superb. But the korma was not upto the mark! My suggestion would be to spice up things and add some vegetables. But the idli is still quivering in my mind! The softness and the spiceness was just perfect, just like a match made in heaven!

POT Paneer Soda:

The infusion of Paneer soda, which is famous in the south and getting it in a poch hotel like “WESTIN” was a massive surprise for me! There was innovation in this too! Serving it in a Mud Pot with loads of ice, and trust me, it was so so refreshing and helped me throughout the meal, its totally worth it.

Wooooooh !! this was soo exciting! Starters were so good, I just felt like I was roaming in the streets with local food. Just loving it! Moving on to the main course for the day!

Veg. Quinoa Tawa Pulao:

Not having much of varities for the vegetarians out there! Though disappointed, the quinoa tawa pulao was something which is not common in restaurants, it was different and that is why I love trying out different things and being adventurous is my style! Though it didn’t come upto my expectations and it could’ve been more spicy, it was served with some onion raita, which was impressive but, In my view, the right side would be some spicy pickle or vinegar onions, On the whole, it was a good and a memorable experience!

Aloo Chole aur Kulche, Kasundhi mirchi:

I must say, by far the most underrated dish of the day! When I saw the item and I just expected it to normal chole and some assorted breads, but I was so damn impressed with the taste of their kulche and the chole was just mouth-watering! It was indeed very yum, that I doubled up my order. The softness of the kulche and the spicy chole makes it an unbreakable Jodi. The “Kasundhi Mirchi” and “Groundnut mint Coriander Chilli Chutney” which was brought alongside the chole was just making the moment heavenly!

Veg. Dumblings:

Not been a big fan of dumblings before, but wait a MINUTE! The MKC-Chennai have changed my mind! The taste was pure and yummy, it was stuffed with tasty pokchoy, tofu, shiitake and celery. 4pcs were served dressed beautifully, half-drowned in schezwan soup which made it awfully look good.

We also tried makki Di sabzi and sarso Di sabzi all the way from Punjab…

BUUUUUURP! That was one hell of a ride! But since its newly developing restaurant in the city, there should be more items to be added upon to the menu to offer the people!!

No Matter, How, much I Eat, there’s always room for Desserts! Moving on to my favourite section of my reviews.  Finally, so many options to choose from!

Nutella Shake :

Who doesn’t love Nutella? With the goodness of Nutella, and vanilla ice-creams and whipped cream with sugar sprinklers to top it off was just looking and seducing me to crave for it! As soon as the waiter served us, I immediately started having it. Oh, my goodness! It was just brilliant! I just couldn’t believe for once, that such a heavenly thing would even exist in the world! It was my favourite! And my partner has watermelon juice..

Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake:

After much dilemma, I went with the “Chocolate Brownie Freak Shake” being the big big choc-lover I really anticipated on this one. Filled with the milkshake made up of the bulk of brown brownies and chocolate syrup and yummy Vanilla icecream! as it’s a freak shake, it demands to be gorgeous! And it indeed was with some Honey showerings, Whipped cream and was topped with Cadbury Gems and it looks way better than me describing it here, in words!

Chocolate Textures with Berries:

Well, this is one of the signature dishes of MKC-Chennai, just like how fishes can’t without water, I can’t live without desserts! This came out pretty unexpected, but its name on the menu was very intriguing and increased my levels of curiosity! Pretty much shocked seeing it and it felt like heaven after tasting it! With layers of gelatin chocolate, with a soft chocolate bar as its core, and a layer of smashed berries around it. The whole experience was very unique and will definitely have an everlasting impact.

Veg options were less but really enjoyed the dishes what we had.. The place had a good vibe and the staff were so helpful.. 

Meal for two INR 1,200 approx
Definetly will go back again to enjoy the array of dishes at this cozy place.

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