Maharashtrian food festival at novotel

Recently got invited by ‘NOVOTEL’ which has always been super creative and super fun, “Apunka Maharashtra”, coming up with yet another festival and this time to bring out the flavours and the goodness of Maharashtra to the always welcoming Chennai.

Meaning “Our Maharashtra” in its Marathi slang, it definitely promises to give us a tour and experience various cuisines of Maharashtra on a plate. Guided and prepared by the Executive chef and a Maharashtrian, Chef Rahul Bhale. Before going on to the course of the dishes the chef, explains as to where these dishes are inspired from, like the less spicy regional foods of Konkan region, Paschim Maharashtra, regions of Khanvel, the Maradwadaa region and parts of Vidharba were some of the sources of inspiration for today’s menu.

So, are you ready?? To travel Maharashtra without moving from your position?

They welcomed us, with welcome drinks, “Matha” the spiced buttermilk which gives you chills of all kinds and makes up your mood to a predator-foodie, and the other drink was an unexpected fusion of “Cucumber-Pudina Drink” which was great and the better one of the two!

Moving on to the starters, which is the most important pat of a meal, according to me! The starters constitutes of the following:

(i)Pav bhaji:

Yes! You’ve heard it right Chennaites, Pav Bhaji is a starter, and it was one of the live counters put up by NovotelChennai, with fluffy, soft and buttery pav, with khatta bhajji with onions and lime is the best way you can kickstart your meal in sublime fashion.

(ii)Miissil pav:

               Another variant of pavs, but here’s the twist. It should be made by the consumer by adding the masala bhajji on top by slicing the pav into small picies, just how we chennaites eat ‘kotthuParotta’, its taste doubles up with adding some sev, for a crunchy feeling.

(iii)Shegaon ki Kachori:

               These hot and crunchy ‘Kachoris’ from Shegaon are just so much tastier than the normal ones. With dal masala stuffed gives it the perfect combination of spiciness ands up as a perfect snack to start off a meal.     

(iv)Vegetable Wanton:

               These Vegetable Wantons just melts with its appealing look and to my surprise it was so so good! And the taste reminds me of a gravy of vegetable sabjis stuffed and fried to these wantons which in the end, taste heavenly.

After such a blitzkrieg start! The expectations for the Main Course from Maharashtra is Marvelous…

The body of the meal consisted of the following dishes:

(i)Assorted Breads:

               Being a part of the Indian cuisine the breads, and their varities become of the utmost importance. This “Apunka Maharashtra” offered Assorted Breads like Naan, Garlic Naan, Rotis, Butter Rotis and Kulchas. They obviously can’t be eaten raw! Their perfect partners, i.e; Sabzis.

To add on, there was “Goli Soda” which was served all along the meal! Which was easily accommodated with all the items, and doubled the fun, the taste.


            The next most important thing to complete a meal, the side dishes a.k.a Sabzis; they were also highly anticipated from my side. It consisted of, ‘Thai stuffed vegetable gravy’, which was some less spicy vegetables mixed in a common gravy. ‘Bhindichi bhaaji’, the homely bhindi sabzi made live by the chefs there, the aroma just dazzles you and you’ll definitely crave for this. ‘Eggplant and zuccmini parmigiana’, Not a big fanof eggplants, but this was something different, and I actually liked it. ‘Sev bhaji’, this was personally my favourite and the best sabzi ever, I’ve had.

Another, ethnic addition to the menu, is the innovative wheat paapads, known as the “Kurdai”.

(iii)Mumbai-Style Pizza:

            What if I say, there’s pizza with a twist? Yes! This Mumbai-Style Pizza is a one for all the pizza-lovers in Chennai. The masala chat, sprinkld on the melting cheese with toppings like tomatoes, onions etc.

Nothing ends, without some sweetness, so now, we move on to our next section, that is, the Desserts section! It obviously had most of the mainstream desserts like some sweet chocolatey pastries which were awfully great, but now we are going to see some of the unorthodox desserts which were served during this fest:


            This sweet thing, trust me, will make your day! This is one crunchy sweet delight. It’s a crispy puff, with a layer of sweetness and sugar, makes this the unmissable one.

(ii) Besan ladoos:

            Directly from the streets of Vidharbha, the sweet hub of Maharashtra, these ladoos are sweet and soft making your nostalgic memories come back.

(iii) Pooran poli:

            These soft-crusted sweet theplas with a core of coconut mash which is full of sweetness. When served hot are a pure bliss.

Therefore, these are some of the top-picked and best out of the best dishes reviewed for you. After heavy lunch the chef taught us how to do puran Poli and missil paav..We really enjoyed a lot..Thanks for this opportunity Novotel Chennai Sipcot..

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  1. Seems like you had a great fun at Novotel, true that they never fail to surprise their guest.
    All those food items we’re soo drooling.
    I wish i had attended that fest.

  2. The thali is so huge and full of delicious food. I would really want to try this place. All the dishes are looking so tempting and tastyy

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