Oats Besan Ladoo

Besan Oats Ladoo Recipe is a healthy twist on the popular festival favourite as well yummy ladoos minus all the extra calories. My daughter want to surprise his brother this raksha bandhan making oats besan ladoo .. She asked me how to make his brother fav ladoo this sunday .. So i taught her adding oats as its very healthy and good for health … Packed with the goodness of oats, they are relatively more nutritious than regular ladoos and are delicious too..Im sure its easy and she will sure try for this raksha bandhan for her brother
1  cup Oats
1  cup Besan flour
1/2  cup powdered Sugar
1/4  tbsp. Cardamom powder
1/2 cup Ghee

Take a pan or kadai dry roast the oats, till lightly browned. Cool and pulse through a mixer to get a coarse powder.
Dry roast besan separately until lightly golden on medium flame
by continuously stirring until raw smell of besan disappears. Upon roasting for
10-12 minutes, the color of besan starts to change and nice roasted aroma of
besan starts.
Turn off the flame add powdered sugar and Cardamom powder and mix it gently .. keep aside
Now add spoon by spoon melted hot ghee … fold till it comes together. The mixture will get clumpy and resemble wet sand
Allow the mixture to cool until its ready to handle to make ladoo ..Then grease your palms with ghee and  rolls it to balls
Yummy healthy oats besan ladoo is ready  r
These can be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature for 15 days

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