Know more about the Bra…… you should wear!!!

A bra is the most important part of a woman’s clothing. Every woman wears a bra on an everyday basis. But you would be shocked to know that majority of the women wear a wrong bra size. This is because not many women know how the size is supposed to be measured..

So find the correct size of bra what we should wear we need to go to a store that specializes in bras and bra fitting and get a proper fitting. Like many showrooms are there.. It’s almost impossible to get it right by yourself. Then you may need to try the (supposedly) correct size in several brands and styles. AND you may need to spend more money than you thought. While higher price isn’t a guarantee of a better fit, the lower-priced brands may not give you hat you need. I recently visited Wacoal, a specialty boutique which actually knows how to fit BRAS.
They will take your measurements and bring you several selections of bras.. There will be different brands and styles. They will check the fit of those bras to make sure that they are correct and make sure you are getting exactly what you want..

Yes, it’s a little embarrassing to allow someone else access to the girls, but it’s totally worth it in the long run.. But a professional, well trained bra fitter can help you navigate not only finding the right size, but which brands/sizes will work for you, as well as help you understand how a proper fitting bra should fit…

Now you don’t want to keep adjusting the strap or the bands every time you step out! Make use of the bra size chart and get the best fit of your bra… Check this chart it will really help you a lot…

Why we should choose a right bra for us :

The number 1 reason is comfort. The amount of time women spend struggling to make a badly fitting bra work, and the constant mental drain of dealing with a badly fitting, uncomfortable bra is amazing once finding a properly fitting bra is done. It actually is a bit life changing. Uncomfortable bra can give you back, neck pain and headaches.

If you’re buying from online shops, you must check the size guide they provide before ordering..

If you want to wear a bra every day, go ahead (ignore the fear mongers and their studies). If you only want to wear a bra for work/gym, go ahead. If you want to go bra-free go ahead. You decide what you “should” do.

Your body, your choice. It’s the same rules that should apply to everything…

Hope this post help you to a bra which fits you and comfort you

Stay happy!!! Stay loved!!!