Britannia Nutrichoice Diabetic Food Trail

Diabetes can strike anyone, from any walk of life…..
I got an invite to attend the diabetic master class event conducted by Semora Entertainment works….. sponsored by Britannia Nutrichoice, BioCon etc. at Hotel Park Hyatt, Chennai
. My mom suffering from diabetes from past 5 years so i was so eager to attend this diabetic master class held at Park Hyatt hotel by Seema Pinto ( )  who is really a sweet heart said many easy ways to overcome diabetes.. She also said how she overcome diabetes and living a healthy life now by just changing her way of living mainly reducing to smaller portion of nutritious food made to reach her goal..She want to spread awareness about diabetes so she wants all the  restaurants to serve with diabetic friendly foods….  The main idea of Diabetic food trail is to help diabetic patients who travel a lot due to various reasons  get diabetic friendly food at  any restaurants across India …
The Diabetic Food Trail®  is a pioneering initiative
which offers a wonderful culinary experience
to Diabetics & the Health Conscious… Seema Pinto & Manoj Pinto are the Managing directors of  Semora Entertainment works
We really enjoyed the  demo of few items prepared by the Park Hyatt’s Chef’s Teuku,Vamsi and Lalit……
The dishes which we saw in  the demo are …..
Here is the list of the Chennai restaurants were we get  Diabetic friendly food currently… check the website  for more details of each city has a list of restaurants which serve diabetic friendly food
I totally enjoyed the whole Nutrichoice Essentials Diabetic Master class … Here is wat i learnt from Dr. Wasim, Seema Pinto and Chef Vamsi & Chef Teuku
Being a north Indian i was eagerly waiting for vegeterian dishes Today i came to know a fact that ghee is a fat burner, if used in small quantities. If we want to come out of diabetes we have to eat smaller portions of food as well exercise regularly mainly walking helps us to control sugar level in blood … We can also use Black Salt as much as possible.. ..Use millets in ur diet .. cook recipes ranging from appetisers, entrees and desserts without use of sugar and also have food when you feel hungry  again in small portions. Just to kill the appetite. says Seema Pinto
Foods high in chromium can improve GTF glucose tolerance factor in your body and naturally balance out blood glucose levels. Broccoli, raw cheese, green beans and grass-fed beef are all high in chromium, however broccoli has the highest amounts by far and  Sprinkling herbs like cinnamon, turmeric, and parsley on your food may also help balance blood sugar levels. says Dr.Wasim…..
Asian Lettuce Cup, Tuna Salad Wraps, Baked assorted Lentil stew casserole, pan seared sea bass, Pecan, Red banana and Nutri choice essentials oats biscuit pudding were the dishes made by Chef Vamsi & Chef Teuku
I totally loved the taste of  Baked assorted Lentil stew casserole…

Dessert… Pecan, Red banana and Nutri choice essentials oats biscuit pudding I made for veg pudding without egg with chef vamsi….
I enjoyed this food trial journey a lot All the bloggers invited got a recipe book from Mrs. Seema Pinto containing diabetic recipes. I wish Seema Pinto for this amazing initiative and soon we can see India free from Diabetes……. Lastly we also tasted the food and clicked  a group pic …. .. Together We Can Stop Diabetes.

VB Signature (Pure Vegetarian Restaurant )

VB Signature from the house of Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan is ready to surprise us with various Vegetarian cuisines in its newly opened restaurant at Nungambakkam High Road – Opposite KFC, Next to Univercell showroom. We were invited for tasting session its very different from the traditional image of a south Indian restaurant —the lighting is bistro-like, the seating resembles a café. We were greeted by the Chef Vignesh.
We were asked to order a drink from Menu i really fallen in love with the menu card which showed the varieties of all food they serve.. I ordered Ilaneer Inji Soda as i entered from hot sun it gave me a relax of it awesome taste & chillness. There were other options like VB Signature Filter Coffee Soda Curry Leaves Mojito, Home Made Chai Soda, Aam Panna, Bovonto Black Mojito which were healthy too!!!! Sip Away! Get Rejuvenated this weekend !!!
Now we were served with the starters one by one.. Tandoori Momos, Cauliflower hashbrown, Marina Milaga Bajji, Thai Style Koththu Parota, Stuffed Ceylon Parota, and Keema Curry dosa and Chili Paneer Noodles. i really loved the cauliflower hashbrown and milaga bajji with crispiness .yummy & delicious… The presentation of each variety looked so attractive Tandoori Momos were served with 3 tubes as u can see in this pic which had mint chutney, roasted tomato garlic chili chutney and curried yoghurt mayonnaise as its sauces.
Cauliflower hashbrown was simply awesome served with cauliflower puree and tomato pickle mayonnaise I really loved it to the core as its perfect with crispiness
Everyone fond of Marina Milagai bhajji but oi am damm sure if u have VB Signature milaga bajji which was stuffed with potatoes and cheese crumbled with Japanese Panko crumbs served with Tamarind chili chutney, you will sure fall in love with it
Thai style Koththu parota which was so soft & we enjoy the Thai flavors – mildly flavored Lemongrass n herbs.. Its not served with raita but if we want we can go for it…
Ceylon parota with double cheese Margarita was so yummy am sure each and everyone will love it It’s served with Jeera raita
Kheema curry dosa had the signature Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan sambar and coconut chutney. I felt having pizza in healthier way. Its was super hit ..
As we were enjoying the dishes one by one suddenly we saw smoke and Chef Vignesh walks in with a bowl and it is smoke everywhere and pop comes the caramel popcorn cold n freezing to touch making our palates dance with it ..It was really yummy & icy caramel popcorn was double hit it cost around 125 only so dont miss it !!
Moving onto the main course…. it was Makkai cheese palak, Dal Makhni served with pudina paratha and red chili parata.. It was delicious and mainly the dal makhni was like hommade i enjoyed it
Chilli Paneer noodles was the next on the list and loved the way paneer fried added to it added the yummy taste..
Now its time for desserts . we had Milan to Madras – Rosogolla made in Coffee floating in cream and the other was mysore pak crumble which was oven baked as apple pie with fruits.. If it served chill it might be more tasty
Milan to Madras –
VB Signature have a unique dish with the bill instead of normal mouth freshners .They serves Honey Mittai and KamarKat with the bill
Thanks a lot to Chef Vignesh as the food range is reasonable & they are srving the best now …. I wish them to maintain the quality and quantity is here to stay and maintained throughout for foodies to enjoy awesome vegetarian food with ‘VB Signature”….The taste of one’s home…..