EVERGREEN MOVIE AMAR AKBHAR ANTHONY IN MORDERN VERSION !!! (#follocelebs,#follo,#folloconnects,#sayswho,B20)

As we all know Amar Akbar Anthony is a evergreen movie like Sholay which i watched in my childhood days ….. Amar Akbar Anthony was inspired madness. This was entertainment at its silliest best. Three brothers, three girlfriends, three religions; two villains (well, one not-so-villainish), a blind mother, a suicide letter; multiple blood donations and Easter eggs. Throw in a cobra, a miracle, a locket, and more than enough plot twists to fuel an entire year of masala films. Add cart loads of fun. Forget the plot – there wasn’t any. Or perhaps, there was too much of it. It had a little bit of everything for everyone, and Manmohan Desai pinned it all to the anchor of Amitabh’s Anthony Gonsalvez
If this movie taken now in 2016 starring http://www.follo.in/Aamir as AMAR ,  http://www.follo.in/Rajinikanth as  AKBAR http://www.follo.in/Ranbir as ANTHONY  just think how funny it will when these three actors copy them and change the dialogues in mordern style ..Lets try with some dialogues
Amitabh says Apun bahut famous aadm, bada bada paper mein apun ka chota chota photo chapta hai!!!!!
Now Ranbir will say I m really a famous man bada bada social media page mein chota chota post and pics chapta hai !!!!
Amitabh says Aaisa toh aadmi life mein do-heech time bhaagta ha, Olympic ka race ho yah police ka case h, tum kahe mein bhaagta hai bhai!!!!
Now Ranbir will say A man runs like this only for two reasons in his life, either chasing a girl  or in a race in Olympics or if it is a police cas, what are you running for brother!!!!
Vinod khanna says . Hindu Muslim Sikh Isa, sabhi toh hai bhai bhai
Now Rajnikanth will say in his style Hindu Muslim Sikh Christia, all are brothers so stop fighting within you!!!
Aamir, Rajnikanth and Ranbir are too busy shooting for it But taking so much shots as they want to do more better than the previous movie……..
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