Paperboat Drinks Chilli Guava Review

Last week was fully busy with guest at home… Wednesday went shopping with my friends was totally drained off tired reached home, my daughter said mamma there is a courier for u from paper boat… I was so excited seeing the pack…. I opened it and there was this gorgeous pink box. I instantly fell in love with the box which made me think of my childhood memories It’s so cute..
The pink box  had written one side with a box of memories which really took me to my childhood sweet memories …….
Me and my daughter were so excited opened it and was so happy to find Paper boat Chilli Guava drink.. I was totally tired so I tried this drink and found it to be totally different from guava based drinks available. It tasted great and chilly flavour adds a ting to our well known guava flavour. Great product from paper boat and kudos for trying out with something new. Keep it up Paper boat. Looking forward to more new flavors from them. daughter, seeing the chilly photo she declined to have it.. but i really loved it
I have been trying all paper boat products… I have drank several flavours of paper boat and you will definitely feel the same flavour which you have in your mind.
and the chilli guava is no exception ..Paper boat drinks has added one more gem called “Chilli Guava” to their wonderful range to make us relive…..
I always prefer Guava flavored drink and this one from Paper Boat is quite a satisfying drink than other drink we get in market………
The name ‘Paper Boat’ attracts kids. The nutritive Guava drink is a treat to our health .Guava being mineral and vitamin rich,helps us remain active throughout the day. Sweetness of the fruit and hot spiciness of chili “blends” well in this drink. Guava they say is responsible for growth of blood inside the human body,Let truth be in this Statement and following this I surely will like this drink a & Recommend Others
Liked the heat kick from the chili and reminded me of fresh guava with salt and chili.
The Product has the little bit coarse taste of the raw guava and the chilli mixed give it bit chill down in the taste bud. When Thirsty it provide refreshing taste. Thats mine view , i like the drink very cool and real shaky. No added colours, no preservatives.. Just the good old goodness Check the color and how it looks  before we drink
Reason why paper boat is the best drink :
1) Because its 100% Natural!! So its absolutely safe & value for money which we pay!!!
2) Because there are no artificial ingredients added in these drinks . ( isn’t that unbelievable? but its TRUE. )
3) They have flavours of traditional drinks form all over India! Very much unique and different, flavours you wouldn’t get when you purchase other drinks!
4) Beautiful packaging.  Even the sealed cap has such a sweet shape. & it tastes amazing ,  that you would get lost in the first sip!
5) These drinks come in attractive and eco-friendly packages, so in every purchase , you are saving the environment as they are recycled! ( What is more greater than this?)
6) Its easily available .. you can get it anywhere any time to stop your thirst……
A hallmark of happy summers and innocent mischief, gift yourself or a loved one, some good old goodness.
So sure try out this new variety  from paper boat and kudos for trying out with something new. Keep it up Paper boat. Looking forward to more new flavors from them.This was something good and the taste was fantastic, only thing is children may not try, as was with my daughter, seeing the chilly photo she declined to have it, but for me i give it 10 on 10….
You can reach there website here
Dont forget to watch this amazing video…….

Paper Boat presents Rizwan and bring back ur sweet memories!!!!