Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe | Dudhi Halwa Recipe | Loki Ka Halwa Recipe

You don’t need to wait for any occasion or festival to make this yummy dudhi halwa as it can be prepared at home in just few minutes and does not require any expert cooking skills… Lauki/Dhudi ka halwa is a rich Indian sweet made of bottle guord, milk, ghee , sugar and nuts.. Its so scrumptious and simple that you will definetly enjoy making it any time.. So try step by step picture and instructions given below and make your family happy…

Ingredients :

Gourd – 1 (small) peeled and grated 1 big cup
Sugar – 1/2 ( small cup)
Milk – 1 big cup
Country Ghee – 1 tablespoon
Cashews – 5-10 pieces (cut into 4 pieces of a cashew nuts)
Almonds – 5-10 pieces (thin thin cut long)
Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp
Method :
1)Peel bottle gourd, wash and grate. You can also grind it in the food processor.
2)Take a pan, heat 1/4 cup ghee and roast few pieces of cashew and almonds till light brown.

3)Now add grated bottle guord and saute for 5 minutes.
4)Saute till the lauki shrinks slightly and changes colour.
5)Now add milk slowly and mix well
6)Cook for 10 minutes or cook till the milk get thickens and the lauki gets completely cooked.

7)Now add sugar and mix well…. Stir well and cook until the sugar melts and get thickens and forms a mass.
8)Now add cardamon powder and mix well.

9)Finally transfer Dhudi ka halwa to a bowl.. Garnish with the remaining cashewnuts and almonds. Serve hot or chilled.. Have thus steaming hot halwa anytime of the day or after your meals…
Firstly, grate the lauki leaving behind the seeds. else dudhi halwa doesn’t taste good.
Grate the Lauki and cook immediately or else it change it colour to black.
Keep stirring lauki halwa and cook on medium flame else there are chances to burn from bottom.
Lauki ka halwa taste great when prepared with desi ghee and served hot.
To store the halwa, let it cool down completely.. Then store in refrigerator to stay for 1 week..