Director: Atlee
Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson
Ratings: (3/5)
Theri is a film you go to with friends or family on a weekend, and come back without giving it a second thought. And for Vijay, it is a ready-made hit. Indeed, it is one of those films that are made to cater to all the audiences of Vijay. All vijay fans will be soo happy watching the movie…..
The story is your usual revenge saga. You are first introduced to Joseph Kuruvilla,a brother of 5-year old Nivi. Joseph runs a bakery Other than bringing her up and caring for her He seems to avoid trouble even if it finds him, particularly cops. By now, you sense that there is a climax coming your way. Amy Jackson, Nivi’s school teacher, the second heroine, who has a ‘thing’ for Joseph is the one to call him out. Joseph confesses that he is the popular Vijay Kumar, an erstwhile Deputy Commissioner of Chennai and he is not a brother to Nivi, but a father. Then the story is about police vs villains and well, connect the dots.
Instantly, we know the story. Any film in which a mass hero is a mouse in the early reels will feature a flashback in which we see him as a tiger, and then a second flashback in which we see why this tiger transformed into a mouse. Atlee’s screenplay checks all the boxes, and we’re checking these boxes ten minutes ahead of him. But that’s not the problem. We don’t go to these movies expecting finely etched narrative arcs and convincing characters…….
I liked the story but i feel the old same story.. Expecting  much more from my fav actor Vijay .. The cute daughter Nivi  is really a theriiiiii baby!!!!!
U can go watch with family and friends ……

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