Urbanclap – A promising journey!!!!

UrbanClap is the one-stop mobile based destination that helps to find out the right services. One of my friend said about urbanclap app, I just downloaded app…I got to know that Raghav Chandra along with Varun Khaitan and Abhiraj Bhal , founded UrbanClap, positioned itself as a one-stop destination for trusted professional and home services. UrbanClap claims to connect their users to the best professionals who can do exactly what they want at a price they are comfortable paying…


Its easy to download the app …….I found the  app  really so cool. Like really really cool.The best part about it is that it offers a wide range of services like electric work, plumbing work, air conditioner technician, pest control. Customer is paid on the basis of their pre-approved quotes. You don’t need to worry about payment too as UrbanClap offers various payment options. You can easily book services via your smartphone, and the whole process of booking is simple and anyone can book it without any efforts. So much thought has gone into building the app that once you start using it, you feel foolish that you haven’t used it yet.


Once i download i got 200 rs in my account ..So just want to give a try to their service.. I choosed laundry service… I booked on the app got a call from clean smart hi tech launderers ..  They sent a guy who came to pick my clothes i gave bedsheets and almost all white clothes.. He weight the clothes ..counted and gave me a pamplet which described their service, rates and all… he said he will return it in a week…


As per scheduled time he came a week later exactly and returned the clothes after service done..The clothes were really washed perfectly and ironed… Iwas so satisfied with the service done   I have had a great experience with UrbanClap  with resonable  cost and quality guarantees. The UC team was in touch through out the work lifecycle which was amazing. I had a brilliant experience and will remain a loyal customer.

UrbanClap has a long way to go as it has the potential of becoming the one stop solution for getting pretty much anything done. UrbanClap helps you find the right service professionals for activities important to you…. You get quick service off this great app. You should expect a good professional to turn up. The convenience and the trust they build does demand a slight premium…. Keep your expectations real and enjoy the convenience The easiest, most beneficial app in today’s time. I have had great experience with UrbanClap………UrbanClap is like the visa card “It’s everywhere you want to be”
I hope you liked my review of UrbanClap…. Do share your views, feedback and suggestions friends ….

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