Vegetable Grill Sandwich Recipe

Sandwiches are my favourite, i make them quite often, i would say atleast 3 to 4 times a week. My kids also take in tiffin box to school to have it in break fast time or even snacks time they enjoy it .. Sandwiches are easy to make and also i  try with different veg everytime soon will post it here .. today posting a simple and easy method of Vegetable grill sandwich recipe……


Ingredients for Vegetable Grill Sandwich Recipe

1) Brown Bread 8 slices

2) Cheese cubes (grated)

3) Onion cut into round slices 1 medium

4) Cucumber cut into round slices 1 medium

5) Tomatoes cut into round slices 2 medium

6) Salt to taste

7)Bhujjiya (sevvaiya ompuri ) to garnish

8)Tomato ketchup 4 tsp

9) Butter to apply

10) green chutney


Method for Vegetable Grill Sandwich Recipe

*  Take the bread slices apply butter to one part and keep a side You can slice of the edges if you prefer

* Spread some chutney over the buttered side of both the bread.

*Arrange veggies and sprinkle grated cheese  over each veggies.

*Cover with other slice of bread butter and green chutney side down.

*Place it over a heated grill butter side down and spread some more butter on other side. Cover and grill till golden.

*Now cut into pieces and garnish with bhujjiya which give amore crispy and yummy taste

*Serve the grilled veg sandwitches with tomato sauce



Even kids can make easy sandwiches and enjoy …..

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